Why are people falling victim to their own thoughts?

I’d like to talk about one of the biggest distractions that I see people struggle with always, all the time.

Namely, personal matters. Can be everything from getting an unexpected bill out of thin air (you should have saved up money), to someone close to you getting sick, to your car not starting and that whole jazz. You know, all the little stuff that might not be that little, and that still is in the back of your head, harping on about what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t be doing. I’ve seen so many people ruining their own lives by going around and thinking about those things. To the point where they become obsessed with everything.

Don’t you see that you are giving away your Powers to whomever or whatever is imposing these threats on you?

I cannot count the number of times I’ve gotten mean looking letter from the local tax office. Do I really care about that? No. The person on the other side is weak-minded and has only *one* weapon: threat.

Do I care about someone close to me getting sick? Of course I do, but I ain’t going to let that stop me from building my success and moving forth in the world.

Why are you giving your power away to these time thieves and distractions?

This is what *fear* looks like in real life. Your emotions running high because you are scared of some consequence or something. Something that really is outside of your control for the time being, and that you’ll just have to roll with.

I like to take Floyd Mayweather’s attitude to this whole thing. Right before he was due to appear in court and quite likely spend some time in jail, he was interviewed inside the ring about his thoughts about this whole thing.

His response; ‘That comes with territory. You take the good with the good and the bad with the bad.’

Cannot be said simpler than that.

So whatever distraction you have to face and deal with, know that you aren’t necessarily alone in that struggle, and that there’s always potential problems out there that are much bigger than yours. That I guarantee you.

Also, why are you giving away so much of your Energy to this whole thing?

That thing or consequence is going to happen anyway. Might as well just sack up for it and be prepared for whatever is going to hit you. And, know that there is *always* going to be something that is going to hit you, no matter what. Life works that way. It is a way of testing your Energy levels and seeing how strong you are.

I’ve seen this happen time after time.

Not only in personal DMs on various social media. But on Twitter also. People with accounts with large followings start talking about their personal opinion on something. They are also obsessed with other people’s way of thinking. My question is why? Why are you giving away your brain power to someone else, or to something else, which is outside of your control?

Why can’t you resume control over your life?

Why are you allowing these Energy Vampires and Time Thieves to assert their Power over you? What good does that benefit your life? Think about it. Honestly.

If you feel ‘hit’ by this message, very good. It means that you have started thinking and reflecting properly over things. Also, what that means is, I might be able to help you. Actually, I *believe strongly* I am able to help you.

You see, I run this email newsletter where I focus on helping people working on their Time and Energy Protection [TEP]. As part of you joining that newsletter, you’ll get a FREE ebook where I show you 21 Ways To Retain Your Energy Levels, How to Eliminate the *real* distractions in your life, and much, much more.

One of the simplest tricks to use [not sure how much I can give away for free here] is to actually simply think about fond memories that you have and how those memories actually made you happier.

Try it out and see how it works for you.

And, there’s much more waiting for you in your copy of that ebook. If you want it, kindly click this link and follow instructions: www.aaryningen.com

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