Observations from Low-Energy People

Every single day I see it. 

People who are hunched over, looking on their phones and otherwise appear quite unhappy. It is as if their entire lives revolve around making excuses. Rarely do you see people smiling and being happy. I was recently out travelling across parts of the world and picked up on quite a few things. Here are some ‘observations’ if you will that I saw:

i) Most people are lazy and *have* to snack on something in a café. 

ii) Nearly everyone are constantly on their phones, even in good company. 

iii) Everyone is so serious and cannot smile. 

iv) Most people appear stressed and nervous. 

v) Very few actually take the time to appear good and look the part. 

vi) A lot of them are fat and overweight. 

And that’s it. 

I do not really have anything else to say about these people other than obviously, do not become anything like them. They are unhappy, bring other people down, do not do anything productive with their lives and they surely do not want to see you succeed. In fact, I’m going to quote my good ole’ aunt who, bless her, joined the choir invisible some time ago. 

She said something like the following; ‘You know what, always when we were travelling, we were dressed up and looked nice. It was something about going out in the world and actually taking good care of yourself and making a good impression. Young people these days do not do that.’ 

Yeah, it’s hard to disagree with her about that. 

Especially when I see it unfold before me in real time. These are the low-energy people that you must avoid. Crabs in a bucket. People who constantly seek to bring you down. 

And with that being said, the moral is simple. Stay away from the unhappy, low-energy people who do not dress well. 

Also, if you have trouble getting your own Energy Levels up, you’re running out of time or you simply need to eliminate distractions, I’m more than eager to help through my email list.

Speaking of which, if you join my email list, you’ll get a FREE ebook where I’ll teach you 21 Ways to Retain your Energy Levels out of thin air. A good example is to simply smile more and be more happy. Yeah, it is that simple. Yet that difficult for many. Try it yourself. And with that goes *one* of those ways…there are still 20 left. Plus, much, much more.

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