The ‘Donald Trump Warlord Tactic’ Used To Spill Guts

I’ve seen people fall prey to this trick all the time. 

In fact, hardly a day goes by where I do not see anyone getting all aroused with emotion over this tiny little thing. I see politicians, especially people like Donald Trump use it all the time. And he’s probably not the only one. Coming to think of it, I think that most politicians and prominent figures who are in the public space, use it all the time. And it’s no different on Twatter either. People allow themselves to being dragged into these wars and cesspits of shit throwing back and forth. Mostly it’s a ménagerie for the audience. And, I wish I could say that the real winners here were the audience, but that doesn’t hold true either. 

You want to know who really wins? 

Only the politicians and the shit stirrers themselves. 

And they do so by using a distraction which is most clever, an ancient, old skool technique that has served many a warlord well over the course of Millennia. This is how they got people riled up against each other, causing conflict and making people distracted. All while getting closer and closer to their victims, only to make it a blood bath once the real attack was implemented. 

Put simply, they divided people into groups and had them fight each other. 

Also known as ‘Divide And Conquer’. Making a little gap where people didn’t notice them coming in because they were too busy fighting each other. 

Then go in for the kill. 

It’s a great technique and I am amazed at how well it works, especially in 2023 and beyond. 

In fact, this is actually a suitable time to related this whole thing about distraction to something I learned about group psychology way back when I was in college. Back then I didn’t pay any attention to it. Yet I still didn’t forget it. And, over the years, I have come to the realization that it was pretty much spot on, no matter what. Put simply, if you have a group of people that grows past a certain number, 5-7 or some such, there are eventually going to be sub-groups. Some people roll better with others, most guys can only keep so many other people close to themselves. Just think about it yourself; how many *real* close friends do you have? More than six? I doubt that. I personally don’t, and nobody I know have either. So, with this knowledge in mind, knowing that according to human nature and basic group psychology, people are easily distracted and divided. All you need to do is treating them differently and saying different words to them. Some kinder than others. Some meaner than others. And watch the charades unfold. Pretty amusing to watch as an outsider. Yet pretty wild and emotional for those on the inside. 

Aaaaand, I could go on and on and on, but I think you get the point. 

Think about politics. Right wing versus left wing. Black and white people. Vaccinated versus non-vaccinated. I think you get the picture. 

Now apply this to your own life. At your job, at school, in your community and see where you can build your alliances. To save yourself time and energy. 

Because the division is going to come. No matter what you think. It is inevitable. So, it’s better to plan for the already foreseen. 

*THAT* will be your biggest elimination of distractions, knowing that the division will come, but that you are safe, because you already have allies around you. 

Find them, bond with them and do things together. 

They are out there and they are looking for *you*. 

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