10 distractions you must eliminate

Yeah, so inspired by a video I did yesterday, here are 10 distractions you must eliminate, particularly if you want any *real* hope of succeeding in life.

However, these aren’t the ‘ordinary’ distractions you might have been looking for.

They’re the real distractions, and those you know you have to deal with, but that you’re looking for excuses not to do. If you’re addicted to the ordinary vanilla waiver bland ‘block out your time’ and ‘organize your work desk’, go wank off to that sort of propaganda at some ordinary time saving site. ‘Dis ‘here is the real deal.

And I’ll show you why.

i) Shame. Nothing good comes from walking around feeling like you owe the world and other people something.

ii) Guilt. Do not fall victim to the Energy Vampire’s most efficient weapon. This is precisely how they get to you.

iii) Fear. What you fear is just other people’s reaction. The hot girl at the bar or the important man at the business meeting are just people.

iv) Ego. Do you think that any work is ‘below’ you? Are you that scared to pick up a broom and sweep the floors when things are really dire?

v) Pride. Related to ego, but is your heart filled with such a lot of vanity, you cannot even work on yourself? Are you ‘too good’ to improve?

vi) Cowardice. Are you afraid of speaking your mind? What about stating your opinion? Do you really dare to stand up for what you believe in?

vii) Laziness. The sloth is a sloth for a reason and has no argument with a Leopard. Are you feasting on those Oreos and Mountain Dew too much, instead of going to the gym? 

viii) Dishonesty. Do you make it a ‘career move’ to lie up about yourself and other things in your favor and as such become known for being a liar? Is *no* word you’re saying true?

ix) Rationalization. Do you use your ‘skeptic’ views as an excuse to say no to activities and other things that really spook you? Are you one those ‘realists’ who prefer closing the curtains and browsing adult sites? 

x) Autism/Asperger. Yeah, so if you’re clincally diagnosed with autism, that’s a different thing. But, if you’re one those oddballs who see everything in black or white, realize that life has gray spaces and nothing is 100% one way or the other, all the time. 

So, that’s it. 

If you fall victim to one or more of these distractions, you’ve got work to do. These internal traits are the ones that *really* prevent you from growing. All the justification you make for not improving yourself, all the reasoning you use for not doing what you know you must do but that’s related to the above distractions, is what’s holding you down. Call it crabs in a bucket syndrome or like the Aussies like to call it, Tall Poppy Syndrome. This is how most people live. In a world of average, like desperate recluses. Do not that be you. 

Now, if this stirred some arousal in you, good. 

It means you take your life seriously. 

And, y’know, I can help you eliminate these distractions, as well as organizing your Time and creating Energy out of thin air, since all of these items are kind of related. 

All y’gotta do is get your hands on my FREE ebook that comes with signing up for my email list. You’ll learn a lot, especially about 21 ways of retaining Energy. Energy retention is crucial to making it past these distractions.

If that sounds interesting to you, what are you waiting for?

Go sign up for my email list by following this link: www.aaryningen.com

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