Another F-Word You Need To Avoid

One of the biggest distractions out there is fear.

I’m going to expand on that a little bit. But first, I’d like to ‘mock the experts’ a little [thanks to Ben Settle for that idea]. You see, from time to time I like to browse the web and see what other experts and gurus are saying about time and energy management. In particular about distractions. I even went so far as to subscribe to a self-proclaimed ‘time management coach’ or whatever the lad called himself. I can’t exactly remember. But he surely made it look like he knew what was up with time management. Particularly through eliminating distractions. And, once the emails and the ‘free, valuable’ stuff came in, he went all in on telling the reader how to organize your surroundings, how to stop checking your phone every 5th second, how to say ‘no’ to people politely and how you should create a daily schedule so you could better organize your days.

With the exception of saying ‘no’ to people more often, most, if not all of it was pretty much the same bland advice you can get when you’re googling ‘how to eliminate distractions’.

In other words, as vanilla waiver bland cookie cutter stuff as you could get. Pretty much what everyone is doing, but finding out that that doesn’t necessarily work for them.

Because there is another distraction, which I wrote in the very first sentence of this email, that is far worse than a messy desk or 56 apps on your phone sending you push notifications all the time.

That’s right.

I am talking about FEAR. All the emotions that run through your head when you have to deal with this monster. Because that’s what it really is. A fighter getting into his opponent’s head right before a fight, as a means of distraction. A ‘serious’ advertisement on the telly about how Men in their 40s risk losing testosterone and developing manboobs. How the world is getting closer to a food crisis, energy crisis, nuclear war and all that. How the tax office sends out mean letters about potential tax bills because you forgot to fill out form X-13235 BC II section 2 f) correctly. And so on.

Do you see where I am going with this?

If the message and the medium is scary enough, if they stir enough emotion within you, you’ll get paralyzed. You cannot function properly.

Because all you think about is that thing that occupies your mind all the time.

A distraction that is so easy to plant within your mind and in so many cases, so difficult to kick out.

Anyone who’s made the walk to a ring or a cage knows precisely what I mean. And if you haven’t done it, test it out. I can assure you, there are *LOTS* of things, emotions and all sorts of arousals that will go through your head. Some of them might keep you up at night and preventing you from sleeping [which you need], some of them might make you stiff as a log when sparring [which you DO NOT need] and so on.

Extrapolate this to other avenues of life as well.

When you enter a Room with important people and you’re about to do a presentation which hopefully lands you a fat contract with a six figure commission into your pockets, are you nervous then? What about going to a job interview for a job you’d *really* love. What about walking over to that cute girl beside the bar, knowing you likely only have one shot? What about competing in a shooting contest where you *literally* only have one shot?

Do you see how this distraction inside your mind is even greater and far more impactful than some stuff floating around on your desk or a messed up schedule? Hell, let’s throw stress into this basket as well.

The biggest distractions come from within your mind.

Especially the distraction of fear. Might as well re-name it the DEMON of Fear. The DEVASTATING, DEVIOUS DEMON that is fear.

Yeah sure, de-clutter a little bit and throw away the stuff you do not need. Make sure you have a schedule and do time blocking exercises. It may work, or it may not. What certainly *DOESN’T* work is ignoring the very thing blocking your progress.

The distraction that is fear.

Oh, speaking of which?

If you *have* some fears distracting your Mind and you’d want to get rid of those distractions, but you don’t know how to, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to help. That is, if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do some good ole’ work.

I am talking about how to increase your Energy levels and how to create Energy out of thin air! In my FREE ebook on TEP [Time and Energy Protection] I am showing you 21 ways to elevate your Energy to new levels, which can potentially help eliminating distractions.

To get the free ebook, go sign up for my email list by clicking on this link right here:

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