Rotten Fruit On The Jungle Floor

This piece is gonna be *real*. 

And, sometimes, there needs to be some *real ones* as well. I have to be a little serious now and then. 

Let’s get crackin’. Let’s just dive into it.

I read a rather sad story about that Dilbert guy, Scott Adams. Honestly, I’ve never really liked the guy. He’s had some few interesting points here and there, but overall he’s just weak minded and frail. Can’t say he’s a good source for inspiration. I will forever be thankful for him for teaching me about how goal setting really is about working on things you *can* change, instead of setting an expected result within a certain time Frame and then expect to reach that goal, only to be disappointed when things do not work out. Now, of course there are exepctions. Like making weight for a fight, submitting a report within a deadline and so on. But overall, your life gets *way* better if your Energy is directed towards all the actions you can take right here, right now. 

That is wisdom I’ll forever treasure. 

But that’s also where I’ll stop. Because pretty much anything else this fella says, doesn’t Exactly jive with me. Least of all his alleged racist rant. Haven’t watched the actual video myself, but Supposedly he said something quite racist. Which doesn’t surprise me, given how weak he is. According to hearsay, he’s on weed all day. Which I am happy to say, I condone. I Believe weed makes the weak, weaker. Unless it’s being done for Medical purposes. But even then I would assume there are other ways to deal with whatever illness one has instead of Getting high *all* day. 

Anyway, that’s another topic for another day. 

What I want to focus on is how you should *NOT* let this garbage distract you. I take it, if you used to be a fanboi of his, you Might get very upset. Emotional, not to say the least. But, this doesn’t serve your Purpose or your life at all. This is precisely what the news media and the establishment wants. They *WANT* to convey disaopppointing news Which makes you upset and distrsxts you from your real Purpose. They then want you to find someone else to idolize. When instead you *should* be idolizing yourself and your own journey.

You can, and should, resist. Because it is possible. By not giving the news media, Dilbert or anyone else who does not bring value to your life, your time and energy. 

In business terms, it literally means do not serve the pretend, wannabe-customer who does not purchase What you are selling. Doesn’t matter the reason, whether they’re poor, do not Like what you’re selling or whatever the reason. Just do not engage.

Same goes for the girl who’s just not interested in you. If she says no, walk away. There are tonnes of other chicks out there.

And you can probably guess Why this applies to celebrity gossip as Well. Who said what? Who fucked who? Who stole weed from who? And the list goes on and on and into eternity. 

These sorts of distractions serve the same Purpose as rotten fruits on the jungle floor do. Massive creds to Michael Savage for that allegory.

And with that, I’ll end my rant. If you apply What I wrote, I think your life will improve for the better in ways you didn’t dare dreaming of.

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