De-Frocking The Priest

…or ‘de-fanging the snake.’ 

Whatever floats your boat. 

This article ain’t gonna be very long because of all the potential rabbit holes one can go through in this regard. But, it is going to be very, very, valuable and help you realize a couple of things about how to deal with Energy Vampires [EV’s], who, seemingly, are doing their very best to make your life as unpleasant as possible. 

Firstly, I have to give credit where credit is due. 

‘De-frocking the priest’ stems from ‘Defrocked Priest’, a statement I once read in a book in the Malazan Book of The Fallen Series. If you haven’t read those books and you love yourself some high fantasy action that really makes one think, go read it. But, be warned. It is a most dense read. Took me a couple of years to get through. No joke. 

Anyway, so let’s get back on track. 

A lot of EV’s in your life feast and feed on the energy and the high they get when they make you feel bad. Either through mockery, sarcasm, ridicule, scornful comments or by scoffing at what you are doing. Everything you are doing *they* are doing better, or someone else than them are doing better. Nothing is ever good enough. For whatever reason, you are either inferior to them or they make wild and outlandish comparisons to someone or something else that’s so far out of reach, it ain’t possible, much less just, to even talk about it. 

Now, as I said, the bread and the butter of these nasty creatures is your  response as well as rebuttal to what they said. 

And, if you have an instant knee-jerk reaction to whatever poison they spit in your face, you just empower them. You *enlarge* their fangs. You frock them up even more. 

So instead of instantly reacting, much less pushing back at what they say or do…

…you apply this old skool, ancestral [which is quickly turning into one of my favorite words by the way] technique, that’s been around for so many years and that so many people are using, without being aware of it. 

Brace yourself. 

Here it comes: 

*You CONTINUE doing the same thing you were doing.* 

Without paying attention to what they have to say or do. 

‘Yes, you’re probably right, I should have thought about that.’ 

‘You know what, that’s a good point, I’ll make sure to be more mindful about this going forward.’ 

‘Actually, I had never thought of it that way before, but this makes so much sense, thank you.’ 

Say something like the above statements. 

And then you continue doing the exact same thing you were doing before they arrived at the scene and interrupted you. They’ll probably come back several more times. And, you just give them any variation of the above statements, coupled with something like ‘Oh yeah, sorry, I kind of forgot, thanks…’ and keep on doing what you were doing. Most, if not all the time, the EV’s will finally surrender and walk away, even the more stubborn ones. I’ve had this happen to me at work, in the gym, in the spare time, during fighting sessions and lots and lots more. And, as I said, but I need to emphasize it once more, some of these EV’s are more stubborn than others. So it’ll maybe take some time for them to realize their nonsense ain’t going anywhere with you. 

Now, before you start playing around with this: 

If you make *actual* mistakes or there is a legitimate reason for, even an EV, to correct you, accept their criticism or feedback and fill in the gaps. 

Defrocking the Priest only works if *you* are doing your thing correctly and *they* are in the wrong. 

Make sure you are standing on fair grounds before you apply this technique. 


Dat’s dat. 

Try it out, test it out and let me know how this technique works for you. 

For more detailed and candid information, as well as the breaking down of nuances and relevant context, PLUS how to use energy to ‘boost’ this way of dealing with EV’s…

…y’know where to find my ebook that teaches you 21 ways to increase your energy levels, eliminating distractions [the REAL distractions you weren’t aware you had], breaking down what an EV really is and how you yourself should strive to become an EE [Energy Enabler], and loads more…right?


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