Perhaps my easiest ‘trick’ as of yet

Here is a simple and sweet energy hack that will save you lots of time. 

And yeah, I can already hear the choir of doubters and goldfish memory TikTok addicted skeptics vouch their criticism. Because I will admit, this is the most obvious damn thing you can do. Then again, I do not see this being mentioned anywhere else, yet I see so many people who are having problems that mentally zaps them of their will to live. 

Plain and simple: Walk away from energy vampires. 

Stand up and walk out the room. 

Excuse yourself from the meeting and go on with your day. 

Walk away from the date if the girl is annoying and traps you in a conversation about politics. 

It is as simple [and as difficult] as that. 

And yes, I have done that many times before. The best ways to do it is of course by using some sort of half-valid excuse. ‘Just got a text from so-and-so, I’ll need to check this, sorry.’ or some such.

Because, the trick is, *in advance* you didn’t even allow yourself to listen to or even engage in whatever nonsense they were trying to talk to you about. 

A tip that I read on BowTiedBull’s website, who were previously known as Wall Street Playboys. Their mantra to deal with annoying people was; ‘Smile, nod and agree.’ Then just walk away. Making the Energy Vampires and Time Thieves believe they are actually worth something and that you actually care. Whilst I admit to having used that tip a lot throughout the years, and it does work for sure, I’ve noticed that the devil is in the details and oftentimes, certain Energy Vampires might consider the smiling and nodding part as an invitation for future interactions. 

Which wasn’t at all the plan. 

So this means that indeed you should smile, nod and agree sometimes, but there is more to it. You need to apply a certain tone and give off certain vibes that all but suggests you ain’t open to dealing more with these sorts of annoying people. 

Again, not easy to do.

But certainly not impossible. 

And that’ll be all for today. 

I’ll be writing more about this topic in depth at a later time. 

For now, should you find yourself in a tricky situation with Energy Vampires, Time Thieves, Lack of Passion or whatever, I do offer my FREE ebook that contains loads of valuable tips and golden nuggets on how to deal with these issues.

For example; taking pleasure in all the small things is an instant energy boost that eludes most people. And yes, I do mean small things as in having an ice cream or watching the sun rise.

Try that and my other tricks by consuming my FREE ebook by signing up for my email list.

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