The Bitch Slap Rag Doll Technique

Hopefully you ain’t too offended by the title.

Not that I really care, but doesn’t hurt to mention it.

I want to address an old skool ‘time and energy hack’ that I do not seeing anyone talk about today.

Once again, and it bears saying, y’all have this ability, as well as the possibility to execute it, but resort to completely opposite. In fact, I see people *mostly* focus on the inverse all the time. It is as if people really *want* to have a miserable life. A sad life. And a life that nobody else will want to partake in. I think it has something to do with being prideful and pious.

I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole.

Instead, I’ll go down the rabbit hole of applying this technique that so many other people avoid.

It is nothing else than: Remember to have FUN!

Yeah, that’s right!

Fun as in having a good time, laughing, smiling and genuinely not wanting to quit whatever activity you are doing. Because, it saves you *time* when you quickly weed out people and activities who aren’t fun and engaging to be around.

And yes, this is includes, but isn’t limited to, hot girls on dates who start talking about politics, you being a boring cunt and so on.

It can go either way.

But, I assume as good readers of this newsletter y’all ain’t boring.


Think about this: How many times haven’t you felt the need to walk away from someone because they weren’t necessarily fun or engaging to be around? How many times haven’t you wanted to stop doing something because it isn’t necessarily fun?

Now, before you start thinking about all sorts of situations, know that there are some activities that aren’t necessarily ‘fun’ to do in the moment, but that will make your life fun in the long run. Yeah, I am talking about cold calling, knocking on doors, writing copy, building your side hustle, going to the gym and train, getting in the ring and spar yet another tough guy and so on. But if you think about it, you overcome these mental hurdles to do what is important in life, for long enough, will probably make you more money, give you better connections, give you better health as well as surplus energy so you can use those items and attributes to *actually* focus on what is fun and as an added bonus, get more energy while doing so.

I liken to compare it to fighting.

The more punches you absorb, the more punishment you get and the better a fighter you get, the more *fun* you get to have in there, inside the ring or the cage.

Almost like you need to be bitch slapped like a rag doll a couple of times to finally see the fun part of it.

Plus, you get to dish out some punishment as well.

So whilst this ‘technique’ of going through some struggle to actually appreciate the fun things in your life might not be very ‘new’ or ‘revolutionizing’ it surely is part of a blueprint of how to save yourself more time and energy.

And yes, I have also been the ‘victim’ of people who have ended conversations and activities with me quickly in the past.

If only I knew why…*half joking*.

Anyway, there is lots more that could be said about this attribute.

But, I’ll leave it here as is.

You do your own research on how to have more fun in life, so you can save time and energy. Both your own and those around you.

If you struggle with having fun or you fail to see how it is relevant to your energy levels and time commitments, you can always apply one of my 21 Ways To Increase Your Energy Levels, and have fun while doing so, since happiness, fun and energy are linked. Plus, you’ll learn lots more about time thieves, energy vampires, how to deal with distractions and so on.

Sounds good?

Well, the best part is, you can learn all of these techniques in my FREE ebook which you’ll get by signing up for my email list.

Link to signing up is right here:

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