10 Tricks For Increasing Your Energy Levels

This is a very short list that I adhere to on mostly a daily basis. 

Some of it I think is going to be obvious to you. But then I again I ween, you haven’t really tested and tried out these items with purpose and done them very deliberately over and over again. You, see what most people perceive as ‘totally normal’ and ‘obvious’ oftentimes eludes them. And this list is no different. Plus, I cannot see this being mentioned elsewhere, yet I see people use it all the time. It is as if there is no blueprint for increasing Energy levels throughout the day. So maybe I should call this ‘The Energy Blueprint’ or some such. We shall see. 

Anyway, before I jump straight into it, I’d like to emphasize that this list assumes that most of your tangibles are on lock. 

What I mean by tangibles is simply all the basic stuff that I assume you already have fixed before you can go on with this sort of thing. Like getting enough sleep, eating and exercising correctly, getting enough sunlight and all of these things. If one or more items eludes you, you should fix that. I don’t hand out advice about these things other than pointing you in the right direction. 

Get all of these basics up and running first and then we can go on with the real stuff. 

So, henceforth I’m going to assume you have all of these things up and running. 

Without any more ‘splanation, here’s da list: 

i) Make a *conscious effort* to make everyone around you smile 

ii) Always steer a conversation in a positive way. Focus on all the good stuff

iii) Be grateful and look at all the things you have. You have two legs and arms that work

iv) Ask people questions about themselves and challenge them lightly without turning it into some sort of interview and/or interrogation

v) Put away your phone and make sure you have enough time blocked out. Unless sensitive, avoid checking time and/or notifications 

vi) *Encourage* slightly controversial topics in which you feel there is a disagreement. Invite the others to participate in a *fruitful* discussion

vii) Realize that this day is perhaps the final day of your life and act with appropriate passion about that

viii) Find strength in the belief of a Higher Power, Deity or God and use that Creed to work through obstacles 

ix) Avoid speaking ill of those around you behind their back and do not gossip. Instead vouch your criticism about their actions and opinions. 

x) Understand that there is *always* time for a well-placed joke, but be careful when delivering it. If in doubt, refrain. 

And there we go. 

Simple and to the point, and I bet you really *knew* about most of this stuff, yet you refuse to use it and work with it because it appears so obvious to you. And, you let your pride prohibit you from doing so. 

As with everything, this is largely contextual. Meaning, you probably will want some more ‘meat on the bones’ when it comes to applying these tricks and to overall increase your Energy Levels. And, saving time as well. 

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