GYED Part 1

As I promised, here is part 1 of what I call GYED – Getting Younger Every Day. 

Before I get into the jist of this doozy, I’d like to revisit the original inspiration that I had for this topic. You see, I was ferociously training with kettlebells one day. Now, the sort of training that I do, I won’t bore you with details, but let’s just say it’s the real tough and intense training that most people will want to avoid. Weighted cardio. As in lifting the kettlebells a given number of times at a given number of minutes. That’s right. You do not have the privilege of putting down the kettlebells and to ‘catch your breath’. So with that in mind, you probably already now are beginning to understand just how mentally and physically exhausting this sort of training is. 

And, here is the brilliant part of this training: 

The more I do it, the more energy I expend doing this training, the more I push myself by lifting heavier kettlebells, faster, with shorter breaks, the better I feel. I get more surplus energy, I feel stronger and I feel so much better about myself. 

As I once was lifting my sets, I was thinking about what most people say when they’re hitting my age [I’m 37.5 years young]. They say something like …’You know, the older I get I tend do to XYZ.’  

Pause for a second. 

Perhaps I get older on paper, but really, at age 37.5 years YOUNG, I’m in the best shape of my life, way better than what I was at both 27.5 years old and 17.5 years old. Which is just a reflection of all the poor choices I made back then because if I’d been on the same training and diet regimen then as I am now I would have been a Ferocious Killer Machine. 

Anyway, this quote that I hear too often being thrown around, like some sort of blanket statement…

…why not flip it on its head and use it for some sort of self-hypnosis? 

Instead of saying ‘The older I get…’ how about saying ‘The younger I get’ and spin it into something even more positive; ‘The younger I get every day…’ and then turn that quote into ‘Getting Younger Every Day’, abbreviated GYED. 

Every day I get 1% *YOUNGER*, both mentally and physically although on paper it should be the inverse. Especially by saying it out loud to myself and thinking about it every day. I have the chance to eat healthy, exercise a lot, drink a lot of water, get a lot of sunlight and sleeping well to increase my overall well being, and now I will *amplify* my Energy Levels by saying this quote, this mantra, to myself. 

It’s sort of an affirmation. 

A self-fulfilling prophecy if you will. 

Pause for yet another second. 

If you’re reading this and you’re 22 years or something, you can absolutely apply it to life, but realize you have zen like healing powers, can go days with little or no sleep and are at the height of your physical muscle growth [or so I think. I might be wrong, but you know what I mean]. Bottom line is, GYED is a philosophy, a psychological Energy Hack that applies *especially* for those who are in their mid to late thirties and beyond. Y’know, all the guys whose peers are starting to become real fat, out of shape, miserable and not very appealing to be around. I don’t know about you, but I tend to avoid most guys my age who aren’t on the same path as me, simply because their Energy Levels do not match mine. 

In fact, it’s the inverse.

They’re GOED – Getting Older Every Day. 

Precisely what I want to avoid. 

Hell, I actually have to talk a little bit about this. 

I recently ran into some guy with whom I served in the military, roughly 20 years ago. At first he didn’t recognize me, but I recognized him. I had slimmed down and was in way better shape when we met again, than what I was when we served together. He was out of shape then…and was even worse out of shape now. Point is, he’s in the GOED camp, which I want to stay away from. Although the guy is nice and I cannot say anything bad about him, I can say a lot of bad stuff about his life choices, but that’s on him…I ain’t his momma. 

Alright, I think I’ll cap it there for today. 

I mean, you understand what I’m getting at here. Go get your physical state right and start *living* the fact that you’re in the GYED camp – Getting Younger Every Day and you shall see how you stick out like a sore thumb. 

In a nursing home you are the hot blonde chick who works there while your peers are all the elderly who have been stuffed there to rot. 

Oooh, I love being graphic. 

Anyway, if you need help with GYED or P4 [or you have no clue what either means, especially P4]m or you’re just looking to increase your Energy Levels so you can save more Time, because there are a lot of distractions, time thieves and Energy Vampires in your life and you aren’t afraid of doing some good ole’ work…

…y’ might want to check out my FREE ebook on how to battle a lot of these things. I can give you a little bit of sneak peek behind the curtain. I teach you 21 Ways to Elevate Your Energy Levels, and a big secret that so few others talk about are increasing your overall happiness and mood levels. Being happy for all the little things in the world.

Yeah, I know it’s kind of obvious until it isn’t. Because I don’t see too many other people talking about this life hack online. It’s all ‘ninja tricks’ and ‘GET YOUR ENERGY LEVELS UP FAST WITH THIS CRAZY TRICK’ or some such.

I don’t know about you, but I feel stressed out by the whole thing.

Anyway, short story made long, if this interests you and you understand that Elevated Energy Levels come from within, grab my FREE ebook by signing up for my email list.

The link is in my bio.

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