Yeah, this is the final P-Word in the series. 

At least for now. I guarantee you though, that I’ll revisit this series in the future. Particularly because I am working on several products related to it. But also because I believe it is such an integral part of your life and I’ve seen how it can generate mere Energy from nothing. 

The word I’d like to discuss today is Purpose. 

Purpose is last in the P4 series. For those who do not remember, here is a very quick recap: 

Passion 1X*Persistence 2X*Power 3X*Purpose 4X = Energy 24X. 

Look at the above formula and think for a second. 

Purpose has an integer value of 4X and has by far the biggest impact on the formula. It makes the formula and the value that comes out on the other hand, Energy, assume a value of 24X going from 6X. 

In other words, it creates, and is responsible for, a lot of Energy. 

If think about it from a life perspective, 

How would your life be without purpose? How would your life be if all you did was waking up, not being willing to get out of bed because you had no reason to? 

‘Miserable’ wouldn’t even have begun to describe it accurately, right? It would have been such a horrific way of living, you’d much rather wanted to end it. 

I know what I’m talking about, because I actually used to struggle with these internal battles. I had no purpose in life. To me I was just a walking shell, going around lika dimly lit lightbulb. A lot of the time I wasn’t even turned on properly. I would easily snap at other people, not laugh at jokes, repulse those around me and I was overall not very pleasant to be around. Kind of like how most people are today. Now, I’m not saying that most people aren’t pleasant to be around, but you know very well what I mean. Most people walk around with no purpose, they do live paycheck to paycheck and they seem to have no desire to build great things. I however, and you, hopefully, have that. Because we possess a purpose which is so great, we won’t stop until we reach our goals. And even then, we we *have* reached our goals, we’ll just make new ones to pursue. 

Look, I could have talked about specific ways of goal setting all day long as I follow a particular system, but that’s not my schtick. 

Instead I’d like to get back to purpose. 

Think of all The Energy the Great Men who accomplished so many things must have had. How their vision was unmatched. Because they could envision themselves with all of their needs and wants, that’s all it took for them to keep on working and grinding it out. 

You don’t think Alexander The Great or Sir Isaac Newton had both vision and purpose? 

I guarantee you they had. 

What I also guarantee you they had was a lot of energy about them. Contagious to the point where they attracted other people to them. Both in their present lives and certainly posthumously. 

Anyway, I think you get the idea. 

All things great begin and end with high energy levels. 

In particular energy levels that are made from having a big purpose in life. 

You can almost swap purpose with ‘happiness’ and ‘will to live’

That’s how strongly I regard it. 

Alright, and that’s that for now. I’ll be sure to revisit purpose and how it can build up your energy levels from nothing. Just by sheer willpower alone. And, of course, by following my P4 formula. 

Until then, take care. 

And remember, should you need any help to build your own passion up from scratch if need be, you’ll find plenty of more help in my FREE ebook that you’ll get when you sign up for my email list.

You see, happiness is linked to purpose. It really is. If you aren’t happy and you aren’t feeling good about yourself, your purpose means little or nothing. In other words, you need the foundations right. You need to feel happy and energetic first. And I teach you no less than 21 ways to do so.

All y’gotta do is go to my bio and click on the link which is right here: www.aaryningen.com

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