The 3X P-Word EV’s Routinely Avoid

Short glossary lesson: EV = Energy Vampire.

You know, the kind of Person who sucks out your living sole, acts like a vortex, a dark hole and takes away all your Energy, All your Passion and all your Happiness in life.

Bottom line: Avoid these people.

All good? Great!

Then let’s continue.

Today I’d like to talk about something different. 

I don’t see this being mentioned a lot. Which is quite weird. Because it is a very, very important trait and attribute that I believe a lot of people would benefit from. Actually, now that I think about it, I believe most people are *afraid* of possessing this one trait. Especially because it comes with quite a lot of responsibility. People just don’t know how to cope and deal with it. They feel like it can be abused. You only read negative things about it, mostly. 

Yeah, I ain’t gonna tease you any longer, I’ll get right to it. 

I’m talking about Power. 

As in all the ways you imagine possible. 

Go read through the news and listen to the general discourse wherever you go.

Do people really like Power? Are they fond of it? Do they look up to their leaders with respect and admiration? Do they want to become like their leaders? Do they want to become stronger, physically and mentally? So they can free up more of their time?

Most of them really want to, but they’re afraid of admitting it. 

I can remember *so* many lunch discussions at previous jobs I’ve had where ditching leadership and speaking ill of those in Power was popular. 

And guess who spake ill of Power? 

Those who didn’t have it. 

Those who were waiting for happy hour at the bar around the corner to start at 4:00 PM on a Friday afternoon. Always letting other people know via job emails or word of mouth. Mostly the Energy Vampires who seemed to have all the time in the world to go chit chat about meaningless nonsense and inane rubbish, yet didn’t deliver work wise. 

Truth to be told, I have no idea how their leaders justified them keeping their positions. 

I’m assuming there was something about unions and difficulties firing people that had something to do with the cause. 

I don’t know exactly. 

But, here’s what I do know. 

These people who dislike Power are also Time Thieves and Energy Vampires. 

Just think about it. 

What good and productive goes on during a sports pub watching some dumb game? Aside from perhaps making a few bucks on betting odds, what other reasons are there to even frequent such a place? Honestly, if I knew anything about sports and could accurately predict sports games, I’d absolutely take advantage of that knowledge and use it to profit handsomely from betting games. Only I assume you can do that via your phone and some app you install. I don’t know. What I do know is, I could never see myself whore out my time like that to others. That is the inverse of Power. It is weakness. You needing validation from your peers to make sure your lame jokes actually are on point. This is what I simply cannot comprehend about Energy Vampires and Time Thieves. The relentless pursuit in making sure others like them. 

Because, when I am in Power and I wield it, I don’t care about people ‘liking’ me. 

I care about them respecting me. My time. My effort. My presence. My Power. My results. My actions. And yes, my company. 

If you make everyone around you like you, I argue the case that you are fake. 

Because, people are different. Some like moms, some like daughters. Some like blondes, other like brunettes. And so on. Y’all can’t please everyone around you! Whether that goes for your political alignment, the way you do business, what sort of people you frequent or whatever it is, you will naturally attract someone who likes you and someone who dislikes you.

I am reminded by what Ben Settle once said, quoting something Jesus said in the Bible about either being ice cold or boiling hot. Not lukewarm. Meaning you either strongly attract or strongly repel people. Through polarization. Conflict Creation. Firm views about controversial topics. And so on. 

Power means you take a stance, even if it ain’t popular and then you roll with it. 

And, if you read between these lines, you clearly see how this goes back to creating a lot of Energy which can potentially be used to free up and protect your time. 

If not, go back and read again what I just wrote. 

Because there is so much gold there. 

Also, remember The Energy Formula: P4 = Energy. 

Passion*Persistence*Power*Purpose = Energy. 

Power is 3X that of Passion. 

For a reason. 

Power is also third in the formula. 

For yet another reason. 

And yeah, I will return to either reason at a later point. Not sure when. 

For now, remember Power as an integral part to create Energy. 

And, lest you do not know how to personally apply Power in your life, I am happy to say that I will show you through a FREE copy of my Ebook where you’ll learn 21 ways to create and retain your Energy in life.

I’ll be honest though, I won’t directly touch on Power. That’s for a later stage. But if you apply these 21 Ways you’ll still learn so many ways that are crucial and integral to wielding all sorts of Power in your life, that will leave people in shock and awe.

Just try it out for yourself.

Go subscribe to my email list and you’ll receive your copy of the ebook.

Link to subscribing is in my bio.

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