Another Secret P-Word For Endless Energy

Following yesterday’s article, I had a think and was inspired to write about yet another P-word which everyone needs in their lives.

Hence, keep’em P’s stacked. 

Because I’m about to introduce *yet another* P-word, that if used correctly, can potentially make you a near lethal force that people will look up to in shock and awe. People will ask you questions like ‘Where do you get all this Energy from man?’ and ‘I wish I had your Energy and your P***********’. 

Yeah, I deliberately chose to censor out the word, because we’re gonna get to it later. 

So hold on. 

However, what I’d like to do before I bless you with this ancestral technique that everyone around you, including yourself, possess, yet do not use as often is reminding you about a couple of things.

And, to some of you these things might be a dealbreaker. 

I do not care. 

In fact I *want* some of you to read through these bullets and realize this whole thing is a dealbreaker. Because it means that I am going a good job of curating my customers and making them hold *themselves* to a certain standard. Because that’s how we do things around ‘ere. 

Alright, ’nuff said. 

Here are some ‘precautions’ if I may use that word [no, ‘precaution’ isn’t it, in case you were wondering]; 

* There is nothing ‘new’ or magic about this whole thing and frankly I suspect y’all have done it to some degree previously. Then again I do not see this being preached about a lot either elsewhere. 

* It actually involves hard work and Patience [yes it works in tandem with patience]. You need to apply it for potentially long streches of time before you see any results. 

* Consider it a tool in the toolbox or starter’s kit that I am giving you. But you need to know how to *use* the tool, how to sharpen it, how to keep it in good condition and so on.

* Appliance assumes that you are an adult and thus assumes responsibility of your life and understands that nothing comes for free.  

Alright, I’ve teased you enough.

Here goes. 

The other ‘Secret’ P-word is: PERSEVERANCE. 

That’s right.

Perseverance and the urge to always move on, work harder and never quit. In fact, that’s what I’d argue all the great and successful people throughout history had. Napoléon Bonaparte had perseverance. Alexander The Great had perseverance. Steve Jobs and Walt Disney both possessed perseverance in their quest for glory. The great [in my completely biased opinion] Floyd Mayweather applied perseverance to become the best boxer ever. Same goes for UFC greats Alexander Volkanovski, Islam Makhachev as well as the retired Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

Perseverance is what made these men become so glorious, successful and known for their endeavors. Whether conquering land, battling it out inside a cage or starting a world dominating business from scratch in a garage [I believe that’s how Steve Jobs started out]. 

So, think about that and how *YOU* can apply perseverance to your life. 

Because, if you persevere and you never stop, you’ll never stop working which means you will create Endless Energy. 

As the matter of fact I’ll lace you with an example from a few hours ago. 

I like to train in the morning. 

Today I woke up, took a piss, drank some water and then did 100 burpees with 2*20 kg kettlebells. It was tough, hard and I wanted to quit so many times. What makes this whole exercise even worse is, I have to finish it in a certain time. So even when I’m deathly tired and it feels like I’m about to fall over, *I have to persist and keep on grinding it out*. As a result, I create Endless Energy, both physically because I get stronger and more durable, but also mentally because I know I’ll never quit. That’s just not in me. 

So, if you’re building a business, applying for one or more jobs, looking for a promotion, getting girls or whatever you want to do, apply this ancestral Force that you have and *really* make use of it. 

That’s how you win and conquer the day and your life. 

Now, there is always a lot of different and various circumstances in everyone’s lives. 

That’s why these raw and completely bland methods need some more ‘meat on the bone’ as well as elaboration and in-depth explaining depending on your situation. 

Which is why I have my FREE ebook where there are so many ways you can learn more about the creation and retention of Energy, as well as dealing with other people in your life.

Both Time Thieves (TT’s) and Energy Vampires (EV’s).

Trust me, you’ll need to persist if you want to deal with either.

To get your copy of my ebook, just sign up for my email list.

Link is right here:

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