$2500 for your blood, please?

…which has many a young man and woman screaming and begging for mercy.

Yeah, I am talking about a Primal [no it’s not that P-word] Force that is seemingly so forgotten, so pushed aside, so ignored, discarded and quite frankly appears do distasteful in the eyes of the little children calling themselves marketing gurus in the online world.

But first, I’d like to describe how *I* personally view the epitome and the embodiment of someone who does not possess what I am talking about.

How young kids often times are ‘out of their element’ so to speak when it comes to work and other positions in life.

You see, I don’t mind younger kids working hard. In fact, I used to do that as well when I was younger. But I do mind kids dressing up nicely, pretending they’re important business men when they run around with freckles on their face and all you have to do is introduce a hot girl to them and drastically shift their behavior.

Another way to gauge *their* personal way of dealing with this old force.

Let me tell you the personification of how I experience this affair:

I am reminded of a gruesome sight I once bore witness to at an airplane. Believe it or not. The Airline in question [I won’t mention the name], had some sort of ‘Youth Version’ of their entire flight program. I think it was especially marketed towards students and younger people in their 20s who wanted to do backpacking and travel fast and easy between countries. Supposedly. I don’t think they survived in the long run, because they shut down this entire thing a couple of years later. Now, the one flight I took with this airline told me everything I needed to know. Y’know when you walk into a flight and the staff greets you, right? Usually they’re adults. Well, in this case, I was greeted by two little snot nosed kids in their late teens who *wore white sneakers*. I am not kidding you. Yes, I judge people by their first impression [see yesterday’s email if you can] and looks matter. Especially when working together with other people. And to have your staff be two kids and even allow them to dress up like little kids who can’t even get their clothing style right? Nah, not for me! The moment I see stuff like that I’m usually out the door. Except in this case, I sort of had to proceed ahead with the flight since I didn’t have the time [no pun intended] to wait for another flight.

Safe to say, I wasn’t too sad when I saw that airline file for bankruptcy.

Now, that just goes to show you the utter and complete disdain I have for small kids who are in the position where adults should be.

You don’t put 20 year old kids on a board with CEOs and chairmen of a large Company, do you? Perhaps to serve water and coffee and take some notes for their boss.

And now we’re entering into something which will test the brains and minds of these young people.

Doesn’t matter if they’re working for an airline company or not.

I am talking about a force so old, so important and so Powerful it can potentially be the only pillar at which you have to rest as you make your way in the journey of life.

Now, what am I getting on about here?

What is this primal force that I am talking about?

Well, it is nothing else than good ole PATIENCE.

And how important it is that you apply it correctly in your life. And certainly, how you must not mix Patience with laziness or cowardice. Because there are so many other ways where people claim they are being patient, but they’re just being lazy or are too big of a pussy to even go ahead and execute.

Patience and the willingness to work hard is what makes for a killer combination in this day and age. Especially if you want to make money, be successful and have your TEP intact.

Yes, I am very much talking about your Time and Energy here.

And you must apply patience intelligently to get the most out of it.

I actually liken it to a story I once heard from some online forum. I think it was the Warrior Forum. Where some guy in his mid-50’s *donated his own blood* for money so that he could afford taking up a loan and starting his own e-commerce business.

Sales went slow in the beginning, but as he said himself [paraphrased]; ‘When I was in my 20’s I took up a loan for $2500 and bought equipment and tools for my business. It made me six figures every year since’

Now if that ain’t being patient and ambitious and using one’s time and energy properly, I don’t know what is.

I don’t know how much money the guy got for donating his own blood, but I’m pretty sure it was more than just a nickle.

Could be a dime as well.

Jokes aside, if some older guy can do it and start and e-com store by literally using his own DNA, then what’s stopping you from putting a value on your Time and Energy?

What’s stopping you from making more money and signing more business deals by making your own time valuable?

And what’s stopping you from, just like the e-com guy is, being a little patient while relentlessly working hard to make more money? Because although he is patient, that doesn’t mean he is lazy and doesn’t work hard. He just understands that ‘Slow trees bear the best fruits’ as they say.

Not sure where I heard that expression previously.

What I do know is that if you are struggling with your patience, your Time and your Energy, your TEP isn’t properly in order. Since there are thousands of reasons for why that could be, there is no use for me to dissect what is wrong with you here and now.

To make it more suitable, why don’t you come to me first?

What I’m getting at is that I have quite a lot of more valuable information that I share in my FREE ebook that you’ll get if you subscribe to my email list. In fact, I’ll give you a little ‘hint’ of what I’m writing about right here:

‘Seek out the little moments of joy. Tyson Fury quote: ‘When we go to the graves, none of our possessions matter. No Bugatti, no lambo, no amount of money will matter. All you have with you are the memories of your moments.’ They are beautiful. Create them. Live for them.’

And there is *way more gold* inside the book.

Just sign up for my email list to get it.

Link is right here: https://ryningennettmarkedsfringogsalg.aweb.page/p/4d0f00a3-6f99-4c37-b290-e469cee88ae7

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