Black eyes, bloody nose and a busted up face

There are many mornings when I wake up and I do not ‘feel like’ getting up early. 

Even though I am by nature someone who likes to get up early. Sleep and somber always try to get the best out of me. Sometimes I have to cave in to them. Sleep for another 5 minutes or so. But mostly I always get up early on time, even though I should. And, do you know the beauty of living such a life? It means that I now get to look forward until later tonight on this day when I can lay down and sleep properly. That’s right. I’m using that little ‘treat’ I have, to look forward to. 

However, let’s expand and elaborate a little bit on what I just said. 

Because it is key to having your TEP [Time and Energy Protection] on lock. By the way, you’re going to hear this expression going forward a lot, so better get used to it.

Anyway, I was talking about sleeping in, being wrapped under covers and it’s so comfortable and so on. 

Especially if you’re somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, it is cold and dark at this time of the year and challenging to get up. 


If your *desire* to work hard and achieve Greatness is there, do you have any trouble getting up early at all? 

Just think about it. 

If your day is so busy and you have so many things that you need to do, that you don’t have time at all to waste a second, and you’re looking forward to doing those things, or the reward that comes with them, can you really afford to sleep in? Do you want to sleep in? Does it improve your life? And, I am *not* telling you to enter zombie mode and cutting down on your sleep. Just because you should get up early, doesn’t mean you should cut back on the hours you sleep. Go to bed early, get up early and start your day. All because there is a burning desire coming from within. If you understand that you have come up short in life and you aren’t where you want to be, do you really think sleeping extra will somehow improve your life? 

It won’t.

Not by a [country] mile. 

And it certainly won’t do anything to improve your TEP. 

It’s akin to boxing. When you’re sparring someone, and you’re both tired, but you are getting the better of the exchanges and you are constantly hitting the other guy and he can’t hit you, do you ‘get tired‘ then? 

No you don’t. 

Because you are winning the round. 

How can you feel tired when winning? 

Just try it out for yourself and see. 

Another reason why you should get into a boxing gym and know what it feels like to have a black eye and bleed a little from the nose. Won’t hurt you, teaches you discipline and gets you in shape. 

Anyway, this one has been going on for quite a while. 

But it is important that you understand this. Getting your TEP on lock and going forward, working hard and achieving your goals is all about your inner desire. The reason why you should get up in the morning. And start working. What else are you really supposed to do? 

Now, if you *still* need more help in this regard and you admit you have some more work to do than just reading these words, let me know and we’ll go ahead and set up a TEP call. Starting at $500. 

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