Hot girls, shopping lists, Q&A and more

I got sent an answer to one of my articles.

The fella shall remain anonymous [I believe he’d want me to].

The reply reads as follows [______ means I’ve removed sensitive information for obvious reasons]. 


I dont know how to save my time and energy.

I try to avoid porn and masturbation, but I eventually fall back into old habits after a week or so.

I hit the gym and try to stay busy, but I always find myself back into my old self’s porn habits.

I joined ___________ and still feel as an outsider after joining last march.

I want to eliminate my old self, but I also find thats where my creativity is.

I am creative individual by nature, i work as a chef and intend to progress into a entrepreneur and entertainer (comedy, music, and acting)

I want to have an hour call, but am not there yet financially.

I just invested the same amount into a year workout program considering ______________.

I have _________________ btw.

I dont mean to waste your time, just through my experiences I think god has a plan for me to bring joy and love to the masses.

Last note, I have been drinking after a long week and apologize if it clouds my message.


So, let’s start with the basics. 

Nobody really ‘knows’ how to save their time and energy just by thinking about it. On a very superficial level, I do not know it either until I try it out. What separates me from others, who claim that there are so few hours during the day and time just appears to ‘fly by’, my instant rebuttal is, they ain’t even trying in the first place. Trying and testing was how *I* first got good at this game. It’s kind of like not knowing how to talk to girls or start a business. Well, if you ain’t even trying different approaches in the first place, you’re never going to know. Whether that’s using these dorky PUA tactics by walking up to a girl in a mall or at the gym and being accused of looking like a creepy rapist or working *on yourself* first to make other girls become attracted to you…well, you try out either approach and tell me what works. I’m sure *some* girls will talk to you if you walk around with your cheap Nike Air Jordans and grey tee and pretend you are Leonardo DiCaprio. But for the most part, it’s gonna go bad. What about instead doing like good ole’ Leo is doing himself? Becoming rich, powerful, successful and letting other girls know he’s already taken [and teasing them in doing so]. I don’t know, just try it out and see. 

Feels like I’m turning this piece into a dating advice magazine…certainly not the meaning. 

Anyway, the main takeaway is that *you need to try out different approaches and find out what works for you, then quickly identify your mistakes, learn from them and move on*. 

That’s a way to save time. 

This is why, and I alluded to as much in a recent video I did, why *I* write handwritten post-it notes. I still write shopping lists by hand and stick them to my wallet. Like I was brought up to do. Instead of having a digital shopping list, an app or some other nonsensical way of doing it. 

To me this 1993 approach works. 

And it saves me time. 

If I were to produce my phone, tap whatever app I would need, read though my shopping list and take it from there, I would end up spending too much energy and time on nonsense. 

I can’t afford that to happen. 

But it was only through testing and trying that I became aware of this way of living. 

I actually dared to try and come up short. 

Yet another example is the distribution and expenditure of Energy. 

By actually committing to the very basics of living, by ensuring I get 8 or so hours of quality sleep and getting up at 5:30 AM and going to bed very early at 9:30 PM, I get more energy and am able to do so much more during the day. I’ve tried cutting down on my sleep to 5-6 hours a night. That would always make me feel groggy in the morning and I would have to take a nap around lunchtime. Plus, I then would have a ‘sleep night’ where I slept for 12-13 hours every weekend or so. Theoretically it might have freed up some more time, but I didn’t get much more done. Because my energy and concentration levels were poor. I also tried out staying up late till 3 AM and then sleeping until 11 AM or so. But, that would make my whole body act weird, probably because I wasn’t staying true to myself. I wasn’t admitting before myself that I work best early in the morning and as such, getting up at 5:30 AM works wonders for me. I get up, ready to go, don’t need any ‘morning routine’, or take whatever supplements is being recommended to me by some guru. I’m fresh and ready to go. And the reason I know why this sleep pattern works best for me is because I tested and tired various sleeping patterns over the years. 

I could go on and on about what other things I’ve done. Big or small. ‘Cause I’ve done some stuff over the years. But it all goes back to what I was saying initially. 

About testing and trying different stuff. 

And that is really the *MAIN* secret to this reader’s problems. 

Not his lack of progression in whatever club or community he joined. Nor his lack of commitment to himself. Be it fapping off to porn or hitting the bottle. 

Of course that needs to be corrected as well. 

And there is a lot of context and nuance that applies to all of his problems. Which is literally impossible to diagnose or break down in an email, much less as a ‘standard cookie cutter approach’. Basic, bland checklists never really work. If you want to lose weight and get in shape, what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. We’re all different. It’s why some people prefer working late at night, night owls as they are. Personally I’m a walking zombie by 9 PM or so. 

And *that* is why y’all need personalized tailed calls with me if you want to learn. 

Because that is where I go into *real* details, proving you are willing to give me the correct information and actually get to work. 

If that sounds interesting, cough up your $500 and let me know if you’d like a call. 

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