5 Ways To Eliminate Distractions

This email won’t do you good if you do not know how to work, or if You do not have the discipline to implement changes into your life.

You’ll also probably find that these methods are Rife online, yet they somehow seem to magically work for a lot of people.

Myself included.

So without further ado, here are 5 ways to eliminate distractions:

1) Cut out people who waste your time from your life.

2) Give YOURSELF the time you need first, before you let others have it

3) Use your phone as a tool and not as a toy 

4) Use designated spaces for designated tools and items in your home 

5) Practice [the approximate of] a minimalist lifestyle

Some of these changes are easier to implement than others.

And, most likely, it’ll take Time before you see any proper results. But, I think you’ll be amazed at just how brilliant and efficient this way of living is. The best part is, there are a lot more than these 5 ways to eliminate distractions that I’ll go into in detail about later. But for now, this is what we are going with. And, for the Love of God, do not be super autistic about this whole thing. Everything is nuanced. If you know that a friend of yours could use some help and just needs a push in the right direction, Give him some Slack. People are different. Some take a longer time to mold than others. And practicing a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean eating bugs or saving yourself to poverty, Unless that’s what you prefer. But then I suspect, you wouldn’t have been reading this. 

Anyway, that’s what I’d wanted to let you know today.

My coaching calls on time and energy protection are available at request. Starting at $500. 


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