’30 Seconds!’

Y’ know, I would’ve liked that sentence better if he’d said; ‘Y’got 30 seconds, fruitcake!’ 

I don’t know why, it would just have sounded way cooler in my opinion. Anyway, the ’30 seconds!’ command belongs to a millionaire who, during a conference, told me that’s what he used to tell people who entered his office when he was still in the workforce. Usually, people would pitch an offer to him, ask for a raise, and so on. They would always *ask for something from him*. They would hardly or almost never *give him something*. 

And as such, he had to be ruthless with his time. 

More, the late Jim Camp said the same thing in one of his recordings. If you don’t know who Jim Camp was, I heard about him through Ben Settle. Jim Camp was the world’s most feared negotiator, and according to various sources, had the FBI rewrite the terrorist interrogation and procedure protocols if that tells you something. 

Anyway, so Mr. Camp said pretty much the same. He said [paraprased]; ‘You know when you walk into a room full of directors in a board meeting and you try to pull some vanilla bland sales tactic like Zig Ziglar teaches, they’re gonna laugh you out of the room.’ I do not write this to tarnish Zig Ziglar, I’m just merely stating what Jim Camp said. 

Some people look good on a scene and some are good in real life. 

I’ll leave it there. 

Now, Jim Camp didn’t say explicitly that these boardroom directors were mindful of their time. But I am all but willing to bet all of my money that they are. And that they’d appreciate a swift ask or comment, before wanting you to piss off. 

Now, what is the point of all this? 

The point is not to teach you sales, negotiation or the like. Although I believe you have received plenty of gold, since most of what I wrote is in concordance with how the rich that I have been around think and act. 

The point is just to show you how important their time is. 

And how important YOUR time is.

It is time you took back what’s yours! Take control over your time and protect it dearly. Second to your health, your time is your most precious assets. Money can’t buy you more time or health, but money can *help you deal with health and time* better. 

You can afford better hospital treatment and medical procedures with money. 

You can afford to outsource activities to people for money so you can save your time. 

Don’t you see how important your time really is? And your energy? Don’t you see how you must stop giving away so much of your time to other people? You know, a lot of them, the Energy Vampires, they WANT your time and Energy. They feast on it. Like ravenous wolves! And you can’t allow that to happen to you, unless you are content with giving away what’s yours for nearly free. 

I’ll just stop there, but I think you’ll get the point. 

My coaching calls are available for $500 a pop. 

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