Parasitic Leech Problems Right Out Of Horror Movies

We’ll be talking about some gross things today. 

So Buckle up and let’s get this party started.Picture the following:

You have leeches and parasites, crawling like little Worms all over your arms and legs. They suck the blood out of you, your energy and your very life. It doesn’t matter how much you rest, hos much you eat or how much you do to preserve or boost your energy. 

You still end up feeling depleted and void of energy. 

Let’s talk about parasites a little more, just to hammer it in with glowing hot nails. 

There are some quite nasty parasites in Africa. I Believe there is a particular sort of worm that, once it gets into your body via your mouth or other cavities, your eyes will be gone. Literally. Because this nasty thing finds its way up to your eyeballs and starts chewing them from behind and doesn’t stop until all of your eyes are no more. At least that’s what I heard somewhere. I think it was from some David Attenborough nature documentary. 

But, we ain’t done yet!

There’s more to come. 

In Lake Victoria in Africa, there are quite a lot of parasites living. If you take a Bath, you may end up Getting a particular sort of gut worm in your bowels, that over time grows and Feasts on a lot of the food you eat, whilst you get nothing. Yikes! And, the worm doesn’t leave you after a couple of days. Once a parasite has found a host, it stays. For years. I’m not sure how this worm eventually departs from you, but it has to die before you get rid of it. I think. Then it probably follows the way surplus food leaves your body Which is where I’ll draw the Line…at least for now.


There’s more to come about this topic.

Because I skimmed through an article on BBC. And before you ask, yes I do read a lot of BBC. Not to be ‘educated’ or ‘informed’, but more to have a laugh or two. 

The stupidity knows no limits. 

This article in particular was about how Gen Z’ers had a ‘friendship problem.’ To be honest I only read the headline. But I Believe it was sbout how young kids these days have little or no social cues, after having grown up on TikTok and YouTube. The idea of Getting to know someone and see both their bad and good sides feels like a lost art these days. 

And, when talking about seeing good and bad sides, this applies Especially to people stealing your time and energy by using various psychological and physical means. Applies both to Gen Z’ers and Gen X’ers. Hell, Millennials and Boomers as Well. Applies to everyone. But if you do not even have social codes imprinted in you, how am I even going to help you?

However, if you *do have* social codes intact, you do Understand that some people are looking to take advantage of you and you do need help to structure your life accordingly, to deal with these Time Thieves and Energy Vampires, AND you’re not afraid of investing in yourself and do a lil’ work…

…then I most definitely can help you.

If you’d like a coaching call, starting at $500, simply tell me so and we’ll start exploring your options.

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