5 Ways To Determine If Your Phone Is A (Sex)Toy

I couldn’t help but have a little fun with that title. 

But, I’d like to address something that so many people, in my opinion, gravely misunderstand pertaining to their phones. In particular the screen time. You know how your iPhone (if you do not have an iPhone then I don’t know how you can manage life [Half Joking]) alerts you once or twice a week about your screen time and how much percentage more of less screen time you have had for the last week or so? And, how of course, this is designed to make you feel bad, make you feel guilty and remind you that there is a life outside of your screen as well. 

Now, I won’t dispute that latest statement. 

Indeed there is a life that’s joyful outside of your screens. Whether it’s your iPhone, tablet, television, computer, whatever it is. 

However, it all depends on how you use your phone. 

Do you use it as a tool to grow yourself? Do you have necessary apps installed on your phone? I could go through my list, but that wouldn’t make sense. I have different goals and ambitions than you have. 

I’m going to start from scratch here. 

Look, I know that many of you will probably roll your eyes. But, the truth is, more people than you think struggle with this sort of thing. And I don’t see to many other sources of information list this sort of thing, so here you go. 

Be honest though, ’cause this might apply to you as well.

Hell, I’ll just write a damn checklist so you can see how many points you can cross off yourself. 

In no particular order, here we go: 

1) A pretty accurate litmus test for most cases is, how many games have you downloaded on your phone? What about streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime etc?

2) How many push notifications from social media do you get? And how often do you open them? How many social media accounts do you have? Which social media apps do you use the most? 

3) How many hours do you spend swiping after hot girls on dating apps or on Insta? Be honest with yourself. 

4) What do you use your social media accounts for? Consumption or production? 

5) How often do you find yourself browsing the news media and read about celebrity and sports gossip? 

And so on. The reality is, I could probably have written a way more extensive list, but I’ll cap it right there for varius purposes. It is however quite stunning how many people use one of their most precious assets – their own time, to get lost in Twatter wars, being bogged down in comments sections pissing matches about politics and so on. In this regard it is important to tell you that I actually spend a lot of time reading comments sections myself, not to engage or because I can’t help but wanting to know what others think of me, *but what my market is thinking*. The same goes for Reddit as well. Particularly Reddit nowadays, because it ia a social media where people by default can be anonymous and thus spew out all their garbage, take off their kid gloves and throw everything including the kitchen sink at other people once they get going with their so-called ‘discussions.’ 

It is tempting to get into the whole ‘New World Order’ and so on, pertaining how the news media wants you to feel bad for scrolling so much on your phone. 

Yes, I do believe there are people up there who want you to feel bad for having access to so much information all at once. 

And to do so, they pick on people who have nothing else to do but watching silly nonsense on their phones. 

The reality is, if you’re a young hustler, entrepreneur, business man, CEO or whatever, you use your phone to make more money. 

Not spend time, money and energy on frivolous nonsense. 

Like *most* other people. 

If you’ve made it this far, I do think you understand what you mean. So, the point of today’s email is simply making you understand that there are other distractions you need to eliminate than your phone. Such as other people who nag you, commitments that do not take you closer towards your Mission, etc. You need to be ruthless in this regard. Even if it means cutting loose other people from your life. Nobody likes an EV sucking their time and soul out. 

If you understand that you have quite a few distractions to eliminate from your life and you feel you need some help in that regard, reach out to me so we can discuss how I can help you. 

Yes I am talking about my famous coaching calls. 

Starting at $500 a pop for one hour. 

Let me know if you are interested. 

Oh, but you need to be a subscriber of my email list to eligible. In order to do so, simply sign up by clicking this link: …ingennettmarkedsfringogsalg.aweb.page/p/4d0f00a3-6f9…

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