A Millionaire’s Malaria Distraction

I once in a chat Group or a forum [can’t Exactly remember] about some millionaire dude who complained about wasting his time.

He said something along the Lines of; ‘I gotta stop spending so much Time on unnecessary Messages.’ 

I don’t know what sort of unnecessary Messages he was talking about. He really didn’t say. Could be messaging with his wife [not sure if he was married or not], messaging with clients or prospects, Getting lost in pointless debates online in commentary sections, and so on. If you think about it, there are so many ways in Which to waste one’s time on meaningless nonsense. I recall from my early days on Facebook [not sure how many people on this list even are on Facebook] how I’d allow myself to become entangled in various quagmires of Word and insult exchanges that otherwise were known as commentary sections. To my defense and, as some sort of an excuse, I was but in my early twenties and didn’t know any better. As time passed, I understood how I really couldn’t afford to sell my time for peanuts. Or, even giving it away for free like the cheap town ho. 

Now, that was me as a young kid, who didn’t know any better.

And, young kids these days who Get lost in Insta reels and TikTok videos, I do not know much time they spend on their phones. But I Believe I read somewhere that in Western Countries, the average screen time per day for kids with a smartphone was somewhere between 4-5 hours. Just to Give you an idea.

But, I ain’t preaching to young kids that age. They’re lost in my opinion. Perhaps there are a few wise young bucks out there who actually are able to read long form texts. 

In general though I am more concerned with adults, such as millionaires, who have a knack for making money, but who clearly value Neither their time, nor their energy properly.

If you are an adult and you perhaps have a family and a career or you run a business, you can ill afford to get lost in pointless Word exchanges. These time Thieves steal much more of your energy than you think. In addition to wasting a lot of time on the discussion itself, a lot of people will think and mull it over for hours and days after the exchange has concluded. It is like a parasite lying latent in your body, only for it to wake up and cause massive havoc. 

Like Malaria.

Now, I can’t cure Malaria unfortunately. Nor can I cure any addiction you Might have. But I surely can help you ‘cure’ yourself of any time Thieves and distractions you come across that steal your energy. No matter if you’re a millionaire or not. 

All y’gotta do is be willing to do the work.

If that sounds inviting, we can discuss grounds for doing a call. 

A good start to be eligible for a call is by subscribing to my email list.

To do so, simply click this link: https://ryningennettmarkedsfringogsalg.aweb.page/p/4d0f00a3-6f99-4c37-b290-e469cee88ae7

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