On takers

IMPORTANT: For explanation of EE’s and EV’s, see the bottom of this article.



I want to discuss something with you today that is near and dear to my heart. 

And when I say near and dear to my heart, I don’t mean that I like what I want to talk about. It more refers to me enjoying this conversation topic as a whole. Because I genuinely am upset with some of the people that I encounter in day to day life. Most of them expect to be given everything, yet want to contribute with nothing. It is truly a disgusting way of living. 

I’ll give you an example; 

In a martial arts gym where I frequent, there is a group of people who are on the coaches eyes. The young, hungry lions coming up. Of course they get better treatment. If you are new to the gym, you have to earn your spot, show up and expect nothing. However, there are some new guys who join who expect to be treated differently. Like they’re some sort of second coming of Messiah. They show up and ask for special treatment. And they’re not getting it. In fact, they’re swatted on their ass down to ‘beginner level’. In all fairness, that is how you’d expect any sort of group or community. 


And, by all means, I think the coaches are being very nice.

If I’d run a gym or any business or group and some takers showed up, expecting me to give them special treatment, I’d kick them out before they could even spell their last name backwards. 

Yeah, I’m harsh like that. 

And, life is too. 

Y’know, in life you’ll encounter a lot of important people. Millionaires, important business men and successful celebrities. A lot of them have big egos. For a reason. Most of them have worked so hard to get to where they are today, they *deserve* to have a big ego. 

And if you are starting off from scratch, you need to understand that as well. 

Especially if you’re walking into another man’s house, which is exactly what these rookies in the boxing gym are doing. After all, you do not tell your host how he should organize the glasses in his cupboards or which way the couch in the living room should be turned. Right? Well, I hope sincerely you agree with me here, because if you do not, there is a chance you might be a taker, like so many others. 


As you probably have come to understand, takers are EVs through and through. 

All they do is focus on making you give them more than they give you, and bring you down at the same time. Like they’re a much better person than what you are. It’s both pathetic and disgusting. It’s the sort of people you want to shy away from. 

In closing, I’ll leave you with this; 

If you want to be a successful person, focus on being an EE instead of an EV. If you’re an EV yourself, there are ways to ‘unlearn’ this bad habit. And if you want to attract other EE’s to your life, I can help you with that as well. 


If so, I offer (paid for and expensive) education where I explore this topic further and tailor it to your unique circumstances.

To get access to this privilege, simply sign up for my email list right here: https://t.co/3LzN83KSFf



EE: Energy Enabler. A positive, happy and uplifting person that makes you feel good and who wants you to succeed. They always cheer for you and they want to Believe in you. Makes you want to want to go around and affect other people in the same way. Often good looking and successful. 

EV: Energy Vampire. Someone who brings you down mentally and psychologically. Often they attack you passive aggressively or they use your attention to make themselves feel good. Hardly or never compliments you. You feel like all life has been sucked out of you when you interact with them.

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