‘Your card was declined’

IMPORTANT: For explanation of EE’s and EV’s, see the bottom of this email.



True story;

I was sitting at a restaurant in Atlanta a couple of years ago. I’d ordered a couple of smaller things; a burger and a soft drink I think. An associate of mine was there too, and ordered some stuff. I offered to pay for both of us, since he’d been very generous with me in the past. 

‘Not a big deal’ I thought and pulled out my credit card. 

It didn’t take long before the waitress came back, appearing a little stressed out and discretely handed me the receipt from the machine saying my card was rejected. 

I’m not gonna lie here, it almost felt like in a movie. You know, when some mob boss or higher up criminal dines out and they can’t pay because they’ve been busted by the police or some such. 

A sinking feeling. 

So, I had no choice but to pull out my spare card and hope for the best. Perhaps I could pay what I owed using that card instead? 

Well, turned out my hope was in vain.

That card was rejected as Well, and this time the waitress announced the rejection out loud before me and my company. 

Literally one of, if not the most embarrassing feeling I’ve ever gone through. Being told I’m poor and can’t pay for my bills not once, but twice! And for the record, I personally take Pride in being someone who pays all my bills fast. No, it is not fun, and I don’t like paying my bills, but I have to. All the more reason to work harder on making more money, right? 

Anyway, it ended with my pal paying for our food and drinks and me looking dumb. At least I felt dumb. And I swore I would *never* get in that situation again. 

Until I did recently. 

I was going to pay for something online, and for whatever reason, my bank or the card issuing company enforced a ceiling of money spend. Or some such. There was, some sort of limit of how much money you could spend or use within a time Frame. Supposedly I had reached that limit and my card was once again declined.

That same sinking feeling of being a criminal struck me. 

Next thing I was half expecting the tax office or cops to knock on my door, pulling me in for questioning. 

Fortunately it was just a poor selection of choices, and a bank looking out for me. 


That sinking feeling, whether it’s one that other people inflict on you by their own reaction to what happens, they’re wired like that or they’re actively trying to make you feel bad, is what EV’s will use proactively. Trying to bring you down. 

And some are better than others. Especially in noticing patterns in you that they can take advantage of.

If this worries and interests you and you’d like to learn more about how to deal with this behavior, then feel free to reach out to me and I will teach you what I know through my (paid for) education.

But there’s a catch. And that catch is, you need to be subscribed to my email list in order to even be eligible for said education.

Interested? Then sign up for my email list here: https://aaryningen.gumroad.com/l/ffpkx



EE: Energy Enabler. A positive, happy and uplifting person that makes you feel good and who wants you to succeed. They always cheer for you and they want to Believe in you. Makes you want to want to go around and affect other people in the same way. Often good looking and successful. 

EV: Energy Vampire. Someone who brings you down mentally and psychologically. Often they attack you passive aggressively or they use your attention to make themselves feel good. Hardly or never compliments you. You feel like all life has been sucked out of you when you interact with them.

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