Stealing Energy from EV’s

IMPORTANT: For explanation of EE’s and EV’s, see the bottom of this article.



Here is a personal anecdote in terms of taking energy from others. 

I once was training in front of someone I know. Let’s just say it was a close relative of mine. As I was lifting the weights up and down in a quick tempo, this relative was beginning to ask all sorts of questions that ordinary people would have considered as ‘dumb’ and ‘irrelevant’. And in many ways the questions were just that. Dumb and irrelevant. I could have used that as a reason for not being able to work out at all. 

Instead I decided to do the opposite. 

I answered all the questions as I was training. Not caring whether the questions distracted me or not. 

And in fact I made a very important realization; 

Only I consider it being a distraction. If I do not consider other people asking me questions as  a distraction, even when I’m training hard, then it isn’t a distraction. It is only part of the training. Part of the territory. 

The above is just one of many philosophies I use to freely extract and steal energy from EV’s when they’re being annoying. 

I offer way more solutions, tips and tricks in my (paid for) educational content. 

If that sounds interesting to you and you do not mind digging deep in your wallet, then I suggest you reach out to me for a call where we can explore your options, tailored to your unique situation. 

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EE: Energy Enabler. A positive, happy and uplifting person that makes you feel good and who wants you to succeed. They always cheer for you and they want to Believe in you. Makes you want to want to go around and affect other people in the same way. Often good looking and successful. 
EV: Energy Vampire. Someone who brings you down mentally and psychologically. Often they attack you passive aggressively or they use your attention to make themselves feel good. Hardly or never compliments you. You feel like all life has been sucked out of you when you interact with them.

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