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IMPORTANT: For explanation of EE’s and EV’s, see the bottom of this email.



Today I want to talk a little bit about something else than other people.

Yes, did you know that there are other Energy Vampires out there who aren’t necessarily made out of flesh and blood? Oh, indeed there is. I’ll give you a quick example. Imagine you get back home for the Christmas Holidays. Yes, I know a lot of the readers of this email list probably are ‘too tough’ or whatever nonsense to celebrate Christmas because they watch these other influencers and other kinds of people not celebrate it at all. If that’s you, then I can assure you’re missing out on something, because a proper Christmas is actually worth celebrating. 

Anyway, let’s get to business here. 

So you get back home in due time for your Christian Holiday vacation by plane. But, there is a problem. A rather large one. A lot of the Christmas presents you bought for your kids and family are in your luggage which, to no one’s surprise, didn’t make it to your flight. 

So now you have to wait. 

I mean, what else are you going to do? And let’s say, for the fun part, you were supposed to go elsewhere, perhaps to your family’s house for Christmas, they live far away and you need to drive for a long time to get there. 

But you can’t go because you have so many things and so much property inside your luggage, you’re forced to wait it out. 

At the mercy of some sloppy delivery guys who really do not give a flippin’ fork about no one’s Christmas except their own. 

I mean, I can’t blame these people. I’d have the same thought process. 


Are you able to, while you are waiting for your luggage to arrive, not be frustrated and think about this whole situation and rather focus your thoughts somewhere else, on something positive, like the fact that you probably have two arms, two legs and can breathe in fresh air and there isn’t war around you? 

Are you? 

Will you? 

The answer is quite likely no. 

In fact, I’m willing to bet that extends to a full 100% of everyone who reads this email. 

Myself included. I probably wouldn’t have been able to go around and ‘relax’. 

And, here is my point. 

I said I wasn’t going to write about other people in this email and how they are EV’s. Notice, I said OTHER people, alright. ‘Cause I’m going to write about people. More precisely, the only people or the only person who’s an EV in this case; 



You mess up your own life by going around being frustrated with every little problem there is in the world. Instead of appreciating all of life’s little spoils. True, perhaps you cannot omit these things that happen to you. But you certainly can choose to actively think about something else than only the negative. 

Yes I know it appears like I am contradicting myself, but I am really not. This is a gray space in your thought process and I happen to be able to tell you in which way to guide your energy and your focus. 

So that you go from being an EV to a right EV. 

Remember to always take care of yourself, first. 

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EE: Energy Enabler. A positive, happy and uplifting person that makes you feel good and who wants you to succeed. They always cheer for you and they want to Believe in you. Makes you want to want to go around and affect other people in the same way. Often good looking and successful. 
EV: Energy Vampire. Someone who brings you down mentally and psychologically. Often they attack you passive aggressively or they use your attention to make themselves feel good. Hardly or never compliments you. You feel like all life has been sucked out of you when you interact with them.

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