On loyalty…

…in short, there isn’t much to say. 

Other than that, prioritizing loyalty should almost be your number one concern. Because, life is a series of events where you need other people to rely on. This is as true as having each other’s backs when you’re kids and an adult is accusing you of stealing candy. 

Or knowing when to advice your trusted business partner that there is nothing to gain from this deal. 

It all comes from a position of love and helpfulness. 

Just think about it. 

What’s the point of having lots of money, buying all the nice things you want and flash your riches and obtain massive influence – but it’s all on a superficial level? 

Yeah sure you have a lot people around you who say ‘Yes’ all the time. The so-called ‘Yes men’. An entourage of disloyal, selfish and greedy cunts who don’t care if you go to prison or your life gets ruined. Actually they do care, enough to distance themselves from you. They’re only in your life because you have a lot of money. 

So many of them give ‘advice’

Yet where were they when you were broke and up and coming?

When you didn’t have anything? 

That’s the sort of people you must be on the look for. 

Those who actually want to hang out with you even though you’re broke and don’t have much money. Because they believe in the same case as you and they’re on the same path as you. 

Finding loyal men who are dedicated to the same cause as you is a big part of life and something you shouldn’t take lightly. 

And it’s something I talk about in my consults.

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