Don’t be a poor dork

It really ain’t that hard. 

Don’t buy anything you can’t afford for the time being. Be smart. Put aside money that you may need in the future in case something happens. 

But here’s where a lot of people get things wrong in my opinion. 

Instead of focusing on how they could make more money, they find out ways to cut their costs. Which is a horrible way of living. Are you really going to tell me you’re going to look for everything that’s discounted and find reasons to not buy anything that’s on sale or something? 

Are you going to be the dork who runs around in malls and shows up early in the morning to get that milk or orange juice that’s discounted? 

Instead of buying food and beverages of high quality and focus on how to make more money? 

The latter is how men of success live. 

And it’s something, a mindset, a way of life that I teach. 

If running around like a poor loser doesn’t appeal to you, but you want the good life instead go here to learn how:

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