The miserable fasting people

I remember it so well…

I was peeking into the closet above the kitchen counter. Staring at the chocolate and chips that I wanted so badly. But I had promised myself not to eat anything. Not today. Those nasty calories shouldn’t win that battle. I wouldn’t let them. 

So I abstained from indulging in candy. 

Probably for the best as far as my health was concerned. 

Or was it? 

Because, although I didn’t consume anything, I was so hungry, I was so frustrated and I was doing so badly. Like seriously. I just wanted to kill something when I went to bed. 

‘Never go to bed hungry’ they say. 

Well, I did just do that. And what’s worse, the morning after I woke up feeling even worse than what I did the day before. 

If you read this you probably understand where I’m going with it. Do not become one of those boring people who abstain and fast all the time. When you are hungry and you feel a craving for something delicious, eat it. 

Just don’t go overboard and eat too much. 

Speaking of cravings, there’s something else that works perfectly as a snack that you can indulge in between meals. Something that actually makes you lose weight if you use it appropriately. 

What’s this, you may ask? 

Well, I’m glad to tell you, there is something as a mid-day snack called BURN XT DIET PILLS. 

And that’s all you really need if you feel hungry during the middle of the day but it’s too early to have dinner. 


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