Influencer’s body positivity trip…

Another day, another topic. 

This time about body positivity and how it’s not for everybody. Because, if you belong to a certain demographic and you are a certain body type, you cannot be a body positivist. 

At least that’s what one influencer chick was told when she thought of herself as a body positivist. 

According to her critics, she was too skinny, too pretty and she was even of the wrong ethnicity. 

Yes, that’s how insane these people are, they actually start criticising you for being the wrong kind of race. 

If you aren’t ‘marginalized’, if you don’t have so and so high levels of melanin in your body and if you don’t look like so and so, you’re not allowed to call yourself a body positivist. Even if you’re happy with the way you look. Because your life is sooooo easy. 

Anyway, I think you know where I’m going with this. 

It’s all folly, really. 

Whether you look like this or that really doesn’t matter. 

What matters is the amount of fat that’s around your waist. If you have too much, you know you are overweight and you need to lose some, then what is there to think about? Really? Just start working out, getting your diet right and start losing weight.

I know, I know, it ain’t easy. 

Which is why you may benefit from some help. 

Such as for example BURN XT DIET PILLS. 

They’re all the rage and can be found here: 

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