Making the world a better place…

…the real question is HOW, not IF.


Because you want the world to become a better place. Really. You do. Everybody does. And by ‘better place’ I mean more convenient to live for you. 

Tell you what. 

I just read an article about some of the worst possible job advice related to motivation. In fact, it was so stupid I cannot even fathom where to begin. 

In short it went like the following: 

A woman, little over a year ago, when the pandemic broke out, needed to stay at home and work from her home office. She designed signs and posters for the local city council. However, she moved 900 or so miles away to some tiny, desolate, beautiful island and continued working there from her relocated home – it wasn’t like she could go to the office anyway. 

This has been going on for about a year now, and now, at the tail end of the pandemic, she had to go back to her office again. 

Even though she did her job (and more than that) by simply working from home in a location that she desired. 

She said she went to the beach (because she lived close by one) often, hiked, went for walks, enjoyed the remote and beautiful landscape, etc. 

But now she HAD to go back to her office even though she didn’t want to be there and still being able to carry out her work tasks perfectly from the place she currently lived. 

It’s stupidity manifested as an employer. 

That’s all I have to say on the matter. 

Oh, I do have something else to say on the matter of stupidity, employers and motivation to either work in home offices or not. 

It’s about a nootropic called GENUIS MUSHROOM NOOTROPIC. 

Click here to get it: 

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