Using a child to advertise for nootropics

Yes, an innocent child’s story will be used to advertise for a nootropic supplement. Read more to find out.


No, this is not ‘child labor.’ 

Read and be informed. 

One of my earliest memories of going to school was our homework schedule. 

Yes, our teacher was pretty smart in that regard. Instead of giving us homework to do every single day, knowing that most of the kids would either ‘forget’ jotting it down or pretend they didn’t hear it, she handed us a homework schedule. 

Which meant there was no excuse not to do our homework. 

It was a list of all the topics we would visit throughout the week including assignments. 

And, much to my parents’ protests, I actually sat down on Monday evening and did all the homework for the entire week. So that I had ‘free time’ on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Of course that wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. But me, being impatient and motivated by lots of work, I just couldn’t bear having ‘work to do’

I wanted to be free.

And this reminds me of the current state of people today. Most people simply aren’t as motivated to do schoolwork. Especially not if they get this long list of tasks to do before a certain date. 

Which means they could use some substance to ‘hack’ their brain. 

Because that’s what I did when I was a kid. 

Now, I do not recommend you start consuming nootropics if you’re a kid. By all means. If I could have gone back in time, I wouldn’t have given myself, the kid, nootropics. But, if you’re a student reading this and you’re having trouble focusing and concentrating on that assignment that’s due soon and you feel the itch to watch goldfish and cute cat videos on YouTube, well then this nootropic may be just what you need. 

Instead of allowing yourself to be distracted, allow yourself to stay focused. 

Use [REDACTED] to focus and concentrate better. 

Go here to get it:



Not that bad, was it?

Well, I know something that’s bad though. And that’s having a nootropic supplement and not being able to sell it. If that’s you, you have a responsive email list and you’re looking for an email copywriter, please reach out to me here:

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