How to get an A on your school exam?

Yes, is it possible? Read more to find out.


Picture the following. 

You’re sitting inside and you have to study for an upcoming exam. 

You need a straight A in this course so there really is no alternative to not study. Unless you plan on cheating, there is no other option. 

The sun is shining, it’s hot outside and the birds are singing. You just want to go to the beach instead and spend some time with your friends. Drink a couple of beers and just hang out and chill. Perhaps even go for a swim or go surfing. 

Sounds like an ideal day, right? 

But then reality bites. 

This exam is due in a couple of days and you sort of, kind of haven’t even started working on it yet. Which means you’re already running late. You’re already running behind. You can’t afford to get left behind. You just need to spend the whole day inside the study hall. 

Speaking of which, you get a text from your friends saying; ‘HEY, WE’RE GOING TO THE BEACH, WE HAVE BEERS, WHY AREN’T YOU COMING?’ 

It really sucks. 

But perhaps it would’ve sucked less if you mananged to concentrate and focus on your work so that you wouldn’t be thrown off by all the distractions around you. 

In a weird way, studying could’ve almost become fun. 


Because you get to learn so much. 

When it comes to good weather and good friends who remind you that you’re missing out, [REDACTED] probably can’t do anything. 

It is what it is. 

However, when it comes to concentrating on important schoolwork before an exam, [REDACTED] can potentially help you get your dream grades. 

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Here, I’m simply writing a typical situation for a student who needs to study for his final exam and the obvious pain of missing out spending time with his friends. I’m then comparing it to the joy of mastering concentration so that the student may forget about missing out on his friends’ company.

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