If you want a Lambo, maybe you should take nootropics?

Yes, do you? I have a special viewpoint.


One of the things I constantly see is people writing about their dreams, hopes and aspirations for the future. 

Example: ‘I’ve got a Lambo and I’m cruising around, flashing and showing off to piss off my neighbors and peers, lololololol.’ 

My instant reaction to that is ‘Cute’, but also that with that sort of attitude you won’t get anywhere near getting what you want. Because if all you’re focused on is the end result and you don’t understand that getting a Lambo takes significant years, effort and time (observation only as I don’t own a Lambo myself), then chances are you’ll get lost in the pool of excuses anytime soon. 

Such as ‘Man, I had no idea a Lambo was this expensive…and, and…the insurance?! What about the extra alloy on the tires if you want to drive over speed bumps. What about this, that and so on?’

Ah yes, flashing off is half of the fun. 

Actually let’s make that 1/10 of the fun. 

Because in order to get the sort of money that’s required to drive and maintain a Lambo, you need to focus and concentrate. For long hours of time. 

You know if you hold a bone in front of a dog, right? 

Watch its eyes.

Laser tight focus. 

There is NOTHING ELSE that matters in the world but that bone. Unless the world’s literally on fire, the dog will likely not even flinch a second. 

This is how you need to focus if you want ‘Lambo’ money. 

And [REDACTED] enables you to focus exactly that way. 

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And that’s it. Note that this is just me theorizing, but I’ve observed what those with lots of money have to say about these matters. It always comes back to some form of concentration.


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