The drug addict miracle cure?

No, it’s not what you think. Read on to find out more.


This is going to sound harsh and a bit inappropriate, but I don’t care. 

One of the things with crackheads has always been how deluded and ‘gone’ they appear. 

I remember looking at an ex-drug addict who attended some rehab a while ago. To say that his eyes were ‘spaced out’ is an understatement. I seriously don’t understand how he could concentrate or focus on doing anything that he wanted to. 

It was a Christian rehab clinic, so the fella had obviously found God and was deeply religious, quoting the bible at all times. 

However, he was dressed….

…let’s just say a bit inappropriately. He wore an old hat, a worn down leather jacket and some jeans with holes in them. 

By and large he still looked like some suspicious street drug dealer even though he proclaimed to be ‘clean’ himself. 

Anyway, do with that whatever you want. 

The point? 

If you struggle with concentration and focus, it might be worth checking out [REDACTED]. 

It takes away much of the ‘brain fog’.

Although if you’re a former drug addict I’d double check with my doctor first. 

Anyway, [REDACTED] can be found here: 



Pretty simple, eh? Linking together drug addicts with people who just have ordinary concentration issues. That’s how I like to do it sometimes.

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