How to be a more productive student

Plain and simple. Read more to find out.


One of the things I hear the most about studying and ‘motivation’ today is how pupils and students cannot concentrate anymore. 

I remember how it was when I was a kid. 

There were plenty of distractions everywhere. The sun was shining through the window, I could see the soccer ball laying all by itself on the field and I could see other kids being outside and playing and…

..what’s that?

You ain’t talking about those kinds of distractions?

You mean the digital ones? Those who follow you always wherever you go no matter what? 

Push notifications, messages, comments, updates, likes, emails, videos and so on?

All crammed together in a nice box that people bring to the restroom as they’re doing their business and take time out during actual studies to post on Instagram about how they’re ‘productive students’ who read and take time to get straight A’s, then laugh at their own inability to focus? 

I can only begin to fathom how today’s kids actually are able to keep up with what’s being written on the blackboard. 

I found it stressful enough to concentrate back before Internet was really a thing. 

Back when the floppy still was a thing. 

Yes, I’m that old. 

Anyway, if you are a student or you have a job that requires focus and concentration, putting the ‘idiot box’ away might just be what you need. 

And for something to help you with your concentration, GENIUS MUSHROOM NOOTROPIC might just be the choice for you. 

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I really mean this. When I went to school we didn’t have Internet except from on public computers and there were no smartphones. Yet I found it challenging to study and focus on schoolwork.


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