How Omega-3 cures corona

Hi x,

Corona destroyed the world. Wanna know how? Most people lack Vitamin D. 

Vitamin D is what kills corona-type diseases.

Vitamin D comes from the sun & being outside hasn’t been sexy since WW2,

so no wonder people are getting sick.

That’s why Omega 3 cures it.

Omega 3 is fish-oils which, if you weren’t a doctor, has a lot of vitamin D in it.

Saying it simple:

If you want to be safe against corona & don’t feel like a genie pig for the big corporations, 

then you’re left with two choices:

Sunbath each day for 4 hours or take some omega-3

You can get some here.


(This is a referral link & I make some % If you buy).

I hope this email was interesting & taught you something.

Till next email,


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