How coffee is killing your productivity…

Hi x,

Let me tell you a story.

I used to be addicted to coffee.

It was 1 in the morning, 1 for lunch – and another for dinner.

Crazy right?

Well… If you’ve drunk your shares of cups of coffee, you know how this is bad for your body.

Especially when it comes to your energy lives.

Being muddy or what I call: high on caffeine makes you feel productive without doing anything.

You know, the morning sip.

Everything suddenly feels unique & exciting.

Work gets done smoothly, and time flies fast.

But then you come crashing down.

You start feeling unproductive – lazy & tired.

Like an addict without his dose of drugs.

And like most junkies, you end up with a choice:

  1. Drink more coffee.
  2. Or face the consequences.

And surprisingly, most “take more drugs.”

I am not trying to compare you to a junkie,

What I am saying is that you shouldn’t need a drug to get throughout your day.

Especially not one that changes how your hormones work.

I hope this made you think about caffeine, and especially coffee.

And I hope you ended this email with this question in mind:

Do I need to take a drug to get through my days?



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