Feel encouraged when it’s raining outside?

As I’m typing this, it’s sunny outside. Which is why I got inspired to write an email about a Vitamin D supplement.


Imagine the following….

A beach. 

You’re walking on it.

You see the ocean. You hear the waves sloshing on the shoreline. 

The scent of salty sea air filters through your nostrils. 

The warmth of the sun strikes your skin. You just feel better. You simply love it out here on the beach on this sunny day. You could stay here forever. You WANT to stay here forever. 

There’s just something about this whole thing that is very uplifting. 

The brightness of daylight. 

The good mood. 

How you and everyone around you are cheered up. 

How sun is so much better than rain. 

Well, guess what? 

It’s what I like to call the Vitamin D effect. When your body gets loaded up with vitamin D so that you feel more uplifting and more encouraged. That is because a hormone called serotonin is being released into your brain. 

If every day, you could walk out to that beach and get exposed to the sun, you’d be so happy. 


Well, what if you could get that same effect in your brain on those days when it’s raining or it’s cloudy outside? 

What if you could feel uplifting and encouraged all year around, despite the weather? 

Turns out, you actually can!

You just need to take [REDACTED] and you get all the vitamin D your body needs. 

Go here: 



And there we go. Now, if you read this and you live in a sunny location this may not make much sense to you, but I can personally say that if you don’t, and if there ain’t much sun where you’re living, you’ll just love those sunny days.

Which is why you need to re-create that feeling in your mind as often as possible.

And with that I’ll leave it to you. If you have a health supplement that you need to sell and you have a responsive list, reach out to me here:


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