Depression lessons from a child

Today we have a slightly serious matter. Nobody wants to have a depressed kid, right?


One of the most heartbreaking moments I ever saw was in kindergarten. 

Or that is, I was observing it from a distance. A father was delivering his child to kindergarten, and the child clearly didn’t want to leave their parent. In fact, the little one hugged their parent so intense and cried and protested because they found the kindergarten to be scary. 

When the little one realized there was no hope, that they couldn’t have it their way, they burst into tears and then kind of looked down into the ground. 

They couldn’t have it their way. 

There was no hope.

There was nothing but gloom and darkness. 

As the father walked away he waved his hand to say goodbye. 

His child didn’t even bother. 

The little one just stood there with an empty look in their face, with a defeated and apathetic look. 

Like anything didn’t matter. 

And, while I do not recommend at all to give supplements to children, these feelings are exactly what a lot of people with severe depression go through. 

They have a defeatist mind and a quitter’s attitude. 

‘Nothing really matters because I can’t have things my way anyway’ they say and don’t do anything. 

Their energy levels are low, they don’t do much beside breathing and there is really no glimmer of hope in their minds. 

If this is you, you need to get rid of your depression as it will severely impact the rest of your life. 

Try [REDACTED] and start your journey to a more uplifting, encouraging life. 

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This is a true story, I witnessed it firsthand. Not a very pleasant experience. And let me reiterate, I do not suggest you give your child any anti-depressants. This is for the adults.

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