The M-Word your neck needs

All you people who suffer from neck pain. I got something special for ya today.


One of the worst and most annoying kinds of pain is neck pain. 

If you suffer from it, you know what I mean. That sort of lingering, annoying, irritating and outright painful feeling you have in the base of your head. It feels like some is ‘pushing’ and exerting pressure on your bones, tendons and ligaments. 

Very frustrating. 

And, it doesn’t just go away either. 

I once heard about a man who suffered from neck pain. 

It was especially bad in the evenings. For some reason, after dark, the pain started inexplicably picking up. 

He could forget all about ‘relaxing’ in the couch, watching television or reading a book. 

His neck was so stiff and rigid, no matter what he did, he would always be remembered how much in pain he was. 

Sleeping at night wasn’t any better. 

He would roll over in bed from one side to the other, constantly trying to find new positions that didn’t cause him so much pain he couldn’t handle it. But it was all for nothing. No matter whether he lay on his back, his stomach, his side, the pain was still there. 

Eventually sleep would get him, but as soon as he woke up, it was back to square one again. The same annoying pain would haunt him for the rest of the day. 

In fact, he found it more ‘relaxing’ to constantly walk around, always doing something, so that his mind wouldn’t be on the neck pain all the time. 

As a result he got fatigued very fast. 

He was living in Hell. 

And there didn’t seem to be any way out. 

Not unless he would’ve tried [REDACTED] which can be found here:



And that’s it for today. Many of you who suffer from neck pain know how awful it is to just have it sitting in the base of your head while not being able to do anything.

It’s literally one of the worst feelings ever. I know from personal experience just how bad it can be.

Anyway, if you have a health supplement, a responsive list and you want someone to write emails for you, reach out to me here:

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