3 key ingredients to beat stress

If you’re stressed, this ain’t gonna be pleasant reading. But it’s going to be an important one. Enjoy.


I recently watched a short clip about how to tolerate stress.

The general idea was that some stress was ‘good’ for you.

 And in fact, you shouldn’t fret at the thought of stress. Only when stress became real dire and your pulse started rising, should you worry.

Furthermore, you should ‘find out what to focus on, find out what things really needed your attention, and remember that hardly anyone is a good multi tasker.’

My take on the whole video?

Aside from not being a multi tasker, which I agree with, it was a load of asinine nonsense and svada.

Even suggesting that ‘some stress’ can be good is wrong (in my very biased opinion).

I don’t think you defeat stress by listening to these so-called ‘experts’.

I think you’re better off taking [REDACTED] supplement with 3 key ingredients to calm your mood; Ashwaganda, Ginseng and Lemon Balm.

Listen to Experts and get confused.

Or take something that offers a REAL solution to your stress issues.

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To be honest, when I watched that short clip I got so annoyed. It was just two minutes of empty words without substance or meaning to them. So it made for a nice contrast in comparison to the product we’re selling, which is the stress supplement.

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