Foot pain miraculously gone!

Oh, boy. More Vitamin D supplement emails. Coming to attack you from all angles.


This is no joke. 

Listen to what one user says about [REDACTED];

“So, not sure if this is the exact reason or not, but I started having extremely bad ankle pain & foot pain coming from my bones for Months, out of nowhere. I switched shoes several times even got in soles for around 60$, nothing worked. I started taking this and about half way through the bottle my foot pain just miraculously cleared up!! 2/day in the AM. I am going to assume it was this because absolutely nothing else worked. I will keep this in my diet from now on. If doubting if this really works maybe you should just give it a try! Thank you!”

Before you jump through the roof in joy, let’s pause for a second and think about the following:

  • A lot of people have foot pain that all of a sudden appear, then disappear.
  • Maybe this person also took other supplements that they forgot to mention, or that they changed their lifestyle at the same time. 
  • Perhaps they also used to take Vitamin D supplements in the past. 

Whatever your reasons are for not taking [REDACTED], you do have one now. 

Especially if you have foot or ankle pains, you’re inside a lot, either because of bad weather or the lockdowns. 

Just go here and try it out yourself;



Indeed a very short email.

But also a powerful one. Notice how I use the testimonial of a user in pure honesty and then do my best to convince people that they shouldn’t buy the product because it ‘miraculously’ cures a disease or something.

Yet, that testimonial is so powerful.

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