ATTENTION teeth lovers! Read this!

Boom! Starting off this Sunday with a blast!


Let’s talk about bones. 

More precisely, the bones we chew our food with. The extension of the skeleton. Our teeth. And why they are your best friends. 

Something out of a horror story occurred once on television. 

It was about a woman whose teeth were pretty much gone. And when I say gone, I mean gone. There were some brown, almost black stubs hanging from her mouth somewhere. I think she ate soup mostly and soft foods. Chewing appeared to be out of the question. 

Not surprising when you saw the state of her stubs. Not teeth but stubs. 

She was in her early fiftes, but her face was so long from her cheeks hanging down that she appeared to be in her sixties. There was no support for the jaws to rest on, so both jaws were probably just hanging loose. 

No man wanted to even speak to that woman. 

To be fair, she looked horrible. 

I’m not even joking when I say she looked like a witch. A hag. A crone. 

All because she didn’t properly take care of her teeth. 

Obviously something had to be done about that. So, in the tv show, she got her teeth replaced. Or that is, the stubs of her teeth were pulled out and replaced with porcelain implants. 

Sounds nice and dandy, right? 

But, porcelain implants last for about 10 years on average before you have to replace them. And. Would you really have to go through that horrible surgery every 10 years just because your teeth weren’t properly taken care of? 

One of the most crucial ingredients for proper dental care is vitamin D. 

It is essential for bone health. The same kind of bones that you’ll find in teeth. 

[REDACTED] contains 2000 ICU vitamin D, which is perfect to maintain your teeth health. 

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And that’s that. I still remember watching that horrible tv show and having to endure looking into that woman’s mouth. It made me forever treasure my teeth, and that’s the same message I’m conveying in this email to sell this vitamin D supplement.

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