How to end up in the meat grinder! Ignore at your own peril….

New day, new issue. This time it’s all about that sleep, baby.


I’m talking about the issue of sleep.

And how important it is. Now, before I get to the real story I just would like to inform you that the two late, Great commanders in chiefs Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher both ended up suffering through terrible times before they died.

This Great Joint State Leader team ended up with Alzheimer’s disease before they joined the choir invisible.

To those that stood them near and dear, this must have been a terrible experience.

Seeing them rot from the inside.

There is some research that suggests lack of sleep can be associated with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Both Reagan and Thatcher routinely slept 4-5 hours Max every Night. 

As if that ain’t bad enough, listen to this:

I know a man who went for a long drive once. He crossed various countries and had to pick up a fellow passenger in a town far away from where he lived. 

They were in a hurry. They literally had no time to waste. 

The driver was so sleep deprived because he didn’t sleep much the Night before the drive. 

As he said himself, it was like driving drunk. He started to feel lethargic. Started to not care. Things took much longer time for him to process. 

Several times he was in danger of either driving off the road, driving on the sidewalk or even sliding off the road…

In pitch Black Darkness. 

For some obscure reason, there were no lightposts along the road. No fences to prevent deer or mooses from running onto the road either. 

Which meant that since he was sleep deprived and seriously had trouble keeping his eyes open, he was playing a dangerous game.

But the real danger was the snow.

You see, this happened in early winter. There was this awful mix of snow, frozen water, ice and hail on the tarmac.

It felt like driving in syrup. 

The wheels would sort of get stuck in the snow, then loosen and give the car an unwanted push, often causing it to end up in the other lane of the road….

One particular situation the man will never forget;

As he was driving, struggling to keep the car on the road, there approached a truck with a snowplough on. 

The problem was, the road was so narrow, the plough was so wide and the truck drove so fast, he thought there was no way this could end Well..

One faux pas and he’d end up in the meat grinder. Colliding into the snowplough would mean certain death…

He just held his breath, took the foot off the gas and hoped he ended up fine…

If he’d taken [REDACTED], he might have driven much safer.

[REDACTED] is available here:



I did everything I could to make it a scary email to read. And, rest assure, I can confirm that the man is alive and well today. As is his car. He passed the snowplough without injuries, but it was a matter of inches before it could have gone wrong.

Anyway, to learn how to write emails like this to sell more of your supplements, contact me here:

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