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I once heard about a man who had to endure a stressful episode that was so bad, he was about to explode in rage. 

To make matters even more challenging, this episode involved two little children around the age of 4 or so. In other words, kids who really didn’t understand what stress really meant. 

He was at home with his daughter. I think he had a part time parental agreement with his ex, who has his daughter’s mother. It was on the weekend and he was at home. 

The place was a mess. If you have children you know what I’m saying. They’re experts in making places look bad. 

The man had sort of a verbal agreement with his neighbor, whose daughter was about the same age as his, that the girls could play around and run from one house to the other. Which meant there would always be some sort of noise when the kids were around. 

On this particular day he had to clean. So, he sent off his daughter to her friend’s house. The idea was that he’d clean his home before the girls came to his place. 

He managed to get about halfway before the girls showed up at his place. 

‘Oh well, just have to wait until they go back to the other house’ again, he thought.

Turned out it wasn’t going to be that easy…

In short, here’s what happened after about half an hour after the girls came home: 

  • One of the girls had cut herself and started to bleed on her finger. 
  • They both yelled and shouted so loud he was on the brink of getting a headache
  • The weather was so bad, he just couldn’t send them out playing
  • They cut into pieces several of his daughter’s toys with scissors 
  • They even found some of the man’s combat equipment, real sticks to hit other people with and started playing around with them

All at once. 

Needless to say, what was supposed to be a chill day where the man cleaned his home, turned into a real time disaster. He was so shook, he didn’t even know what to do. Much less getting on with the domestic household tasks. 

Now, on the outside this may not seem like much…

But in the man’s own words; ‘I was literally on the verge of hitting the children (…) I was so angry and stressed, my heart was beating a 1,000 beats per minute and I really didn’t know what to do except shouting!’

I don’t know what happened next.

But I think he should’ve tried [REDACTED] to calm his nerves down:



And that’s it. Not necessarily very ‘exciting’, but a situation that many a parent may recognize themselves in.

Everything that happened is true, because I know the man who this happened to and he told me. Of course I put a dramatic spin to it, because that’s what I like to do.

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