If you’re a dinosaur who works out, read this…

Don’t take offense if you’re above the age of 44.


Full confession: In this context ‘dinosaur’ means someone who’s old and who exercises. And the bar has been set at 44 years. So don’t take offense. 


Now you can get [REDACTED] with a variety of great flavors. 

Tastes like blue raspberry, green apple, fruit punch, pink lemonade and many more tastes are available, and we bet there’s hardly a taste that we haven’t covered. In that case, be sure to let us know and we’ll do something about it. 

And if you think this is just another sugar loaded calorie bomb that has a fancy name, think again! [REDACTED] contains BCAA amino acids which are associated with muscle growth and no carbohydrates or calories!

And, if we let our dinosaur here do the talking; 

‘Being 44 years old, I was surprised at how quickly I went up in weights, how muscular I was getting, and how little soreness I had. I’ve lifted weights on and off for nearly 30 years, and suddenly I was lifting, in some cases, more than I ever had. Now, full disclosure: shortly before I started using Xtend, I also began taking creatine. This absolutely resulted in a strength and muscle gain. So once I started taking [REDACTED], I wondered how much of my performance gains I could attribute to the creatine. I felt the cardio-related gains were definitely the result of the Xtend, but the strength gains could have been the continuing results of the creatine.

UNTIL I stopped taking [REDACTED]. That was about a month ago, in part due to budgetary restraints and partly because I wasn’t sure anymore if [REDACTED] was really helping my time in the gym all that much. In the past month, however, the weight I lift in many of my exercises has slowly dropped, my endurance has decreased (I’m more sluggish and my workouts simply seem more daunting), and worst of all, I’m feeling my age. My elbows and knees in particular are sore for days after a workout, whereas before there was virtually no soreness.’

So there you have it. 

Of course he took creatine which quite likely affects his performance. 

But just look at how his performance decreased and how he struggled with muscle soreness after he stopped taking the supplement. 

How anyone can STOP taking this when they clearly see results are beyond me.Go here to try it out yourself:



And that’s how the story goes.

Going through the user reviews as I was surprised to see how many put emphasis on the good taste of the supplement. It apparently mattered a lot. Which is why I included it.

However, the most telling case was of course from the ‘dinosaur’ who stopped taking it and then his performances decreased and he felt really bad. Of course this doesn’t prove anything and the reason I included the Creatine part was to be totally transparent to include any type of context.

Speaking of which.

If you want to learn how to sell health supplements in such a transparent way that people will want to buy no matter what, go here:

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