The lazy man’s way to joint health

Today I’ve got this doozy for ya’ll;


There’s a guy I know. 

Every day he prepares his training kit. 

It consists of a mat. Two kettlebells. Soon to be more. And then he starts swinging, lifting, and pulling them in all sorts of directions. 

Before that he does the warm-up.

He always warms up before he starts training. 

He tells me it smooths his joints. Makes his movements ‘flow better’. It loosens up the cartilage and really makes the training much better. 

In short, this is like heaven for his joints. 

He seriously cannot say enough good things about this kind of training. 

It has completely changed his life. 

And he is happy to continue doing this sort of thing for the rest of my life until he finds a better option.

Speaking of better options….

The way I see it…

I’ll be honest and blunt. 

This training takes up a lot of time. Even training at home demands so much effort and planning from my side that I personally doubt I’d be able to do it. 

Which is why…

…if you struggle with your joints and cartilage and you know that you seriously cannot commit to this kind of fixed schedule in your life….

You should be looking for alternatives. 

Maybe you have a big family to take care of. Maybe you have a spouse. Children. A family dog. Community commitments. A busy career. 

And you just don’t have the time throughout the day to train like I do. 

Nor is there any vacant space in your house. Because, that’s also a huge part of my training. I have to free up so much space. My living room resembles more that of a training studio. So if having a cozy environment is important to you and you don’t have a spare room or perhaps a big garage where you can work out…

…here’s what I recommend instead. 

And what I quite likely would have done. 

I’d go for [REDACTED]. 

And here’s what makes this supplement so great. 

It contains hydrolyzed collagen which provides you with nutrients for joint and collagen support. In other words it strengthens your joints and cartilage. 

Also, the hyaluronic acid transports water to keep skin hydrated and supports lubrication in the joints and the tissue. 

Thereby making your skin more elastic – so you look younger. 

So instead of turning your living room into a training studio like that training manic – take [REDCATED] every single day if you care about your joints. 

Just go here: 



This one was a little bit long. I like writing long emails every now and then. Simply to tell a story and to make people think a little. To put things in perspective.

I know there are plenty of people who would exhibit psychological resistance against taking supplements. Especially those who have grown up being taught that ‘you just need to eat the proper food and train.’ But like I say in the email, try training at home if you are busy.

Full confession that I didn’t include in the email: I’ve tried the whole training at home thing and it was challenging, to say the least.

Your opinion may be different though.

Anyway, this subtle way of selling where I’m telling an entertaining story all leading up to the problem is just the way I teach in my email list.

Which you can subscribe to here:

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