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There is a broad agreement amongst the experts that eating fatty fish at least twice a week is beneficial for your heart health.

However, let’s just be real…

There’s a lot of people who don’t eat fish. Because it doesn’t taste good. And they genuinely have problems eating fish. Not to mention that awful smell it leaves behind. Plus, a lot of fish dishes really don’t make you feel full.

Fish oil supplements are a brilliant way of getting that Omega 3 dose your body needs.

However, there’s a few traps that a lot of people fall into…

And that can actually damage them long-term…

We’re talking about fish oil from farmed fish. 

You’ve Seen those fish farms, right? They put loads of fish into a limited space and feed them pellets. Many of these fish farms also look like nuclear Power plant waste from the outside. It’s dirty and gross…

Not to mention that the fish meat often tastes bad.

It’s almost like you can taste the pellets that they feed the fish…

Ask yourself this;

Would you really consume fish oil from a fish that had been stuffed full of pellets swimming around in that kind of dirty looking water?

The answer is obviously no.

And that’s where [REDACTED] comes in.

It contains all the Omega 3 acids your body needs from wild caught Deep ocean fish – purified from pollutants such as mercury. 

Take two of these softgels daily to ensure good heart health without having to change your diet.

Just go here:



And that’s all I wrote. Now I get that I could have used many wordplays when it comes to heart. ‘Heartless’, ‘I heart you’ and so on. There are probably dozens of expressions that I could have used.

But, knowing that people in this customer group aren’t too fond of reading wordplays and having to solve riddles, I just plain and simply urged them to read on if they cared about the state of their hearts.

From there on I talk about the bad stuff that people usually have to deal with when they start taking a supplement. Like for instance how poor some of the fish whose oil is a part of many supplements is. The various pollutants and how a fish farm really looks like.

I’ve actually seen it firsthand. It’s not a pretty sight. Believe me.

Plain and simple. Right to the facts without using too many filler words.

Why not?

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