The REAL reason why you don’t beat your depression

Today is a tough day, at least when it comes to moods and feelings. Read and digest.


One of the many problems depression Victims often face is what type of supplement to take.

Or even if they want to take a supplement at all. 

With the current glut of all kinds of bright shiny objects, a lot of people who could greatly benefit from an outstanding depression supplement like [REDACTED]. 

Now what makes [REDACTED] so much different from other depression supplements out there?

It’s actually pretty brilliant…

First off [REDACTED] is drug-free which means it’s all NATURAL ingredients.

Just what your body is meant for!

No synthetic or obscure ingredients cultivated in some shady laboratory.

Second, it is NON-HABIT forming so you won’t have to worry about being addicted.

You’ve Seen those drug addicts who take Pills like they’re candy, right? 

Those poor, sick people who are trapped in the drug pill loop.

If they can’t get their daily ‘fix’, they end up damaging themselves and others.

Not so with [REDACTED] .

We simply want to see you happy and healthy. So we make this supplement produce Serotonin which is an all-natural non-habit forming amino acid that promotes a joyful mood and makes you relax.

Don’t let depression or anxiety take over your life.

Take [REDACTED] instead.

Just go here:



And that’s how we deal with depression supplements. Here, I make a point out of letting the reader know about the problems with ‘other supplements’, that is the competing products in this niche.

Notice how I don’t make any medical claims or whatsoever. It’s strictly against my own policy. I rather write persuasive and compelling enough material so that the reader sort of sells him/herself on the problem .

This way of writing serves a lot of purposes. It makes those who weren’t going to buy anyway go elsewhere. Why would you need their attention if they’re not in your market? And, it makes those who already are sold on you able to figure out on their own just how important this supplement is.

This powerful technique is extremely efficient. And it makes it way easier for you to sell your health supplement products.

This is just some of what I teach about writing persuasive health supplement emails.

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